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Ben Griffin

Bodyology Physical Performance Solutions: Brighton

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More Than Just Melbourne’s Best Personal Training

Bodyology Physical Performance Solutions: Brighton

Focus areas

Corrective exercise Energy Injury recovery Weight management Body composition Fitness

Go beyond the normal with some of the best sports scientists in the city. Bodyology is an elite training and testing centre that boasts a world class strength facility, exercise lab and altitude training room to assist athletes and general health clients achieve optimal performance and health.

Our training programs are some of the most scientific in Melbourne – you’ll have the option of having your body composition, metabolism and performance rigorously analysed and tested. This gives us the most accurate picture possible of your health and fitness and allows us to create the best possible personalised program.

Skilled and expert trainers

We offer a unique environment and atmosphere for personal training. Some of the best athletes in the country have been through the doors at Melbourne’s Bodyology. Our testing and training methods are used by everyone from Olympians to national footballers. Coupled with our personal trainers’ high level of qualifications and years of real world experience we are confident we have the answer to any of your questions.

Our altitude training centre is one of the best equipped in the state. Perfect for mountaineers, climbers, trekkers, endurance athletes and any team sport athletes, our personal trainers get you prepared for the rigors your body will face during the challenge. Backed by our skilled staff we are certain we can get you in the position you need to be to excel in any field.

You’ll undergo not only physical but mental development as we prepare you psychologically for the task at hand. Our training program simulates the harsh environment of a high altitude mountain climb and is perfect for both trekkers and athletes wanting to take their cardio fitness to the next level

We gauge our success by our clients’ achievements. If you’re interested in any of our services and would like to find out more information or book time with any of our professional staff including our qualified exercise physiologist, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Body Composition

Accurately measure% and volume Body Fat, Lean Muscle Mass and Body Volume.

Metabolism Analysis

Know your daily energy needs by accurately measuring how many calories your body uses at rest (RMR)

Strength & Conditioning

Training to improve power, strength and fitness, plus weight loss focus and corrective exercises and injury recovery.

Altitude Training

With simulated training of up to 5000m, our indoor chamber provides performance and weight loss benefits.

Performance Testing

Measure your aerobic and cardiovascular fitness and be provided accurate heart rate training zones.

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