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Body Sculpt Personal Fitness / Trainers

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Body Sculpt Personal Fitness / Trainers

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I have been doing Pilates with Teena on and off for almost 3 years. The off has been because of a secondary tumor they found in my lower back (L4) in 2007. In 2003 I had been diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and following the surgery, chemo and radiation treatments I needed to get back into shape.

A friend suggested I try coming to Teena with her because she found that Teena gave the best Pilates classes she had gone to and so I went along. I found the company in the class enjoyable and the Pilates more of a workout than I expected. That was the beginning of 2006. Towards the end of that year I hurt my hip. Un-be-known to me at the time, it was to do with this secondary growth on my spine. Even so, while i was doing Pilates my hip, legs and back felt much better. Over the Christmas break I felt much worse and when we started again in January I again started to feel better. They found the metastases (tumour) at the end of May and I again needed radiation treatment. My oncologists both warned me to be careful with my back as did a skeletal doctor. About the only thing they recommended was walking on flat ground (we live in a hilly area), swimming and Pilates.

When I was able to start again the improvement in my back was almost immediate. Although improving, I still get back and sciatic pain but, if I skip the Pilates because of health or family obligations, it’s definitely worse. Teena has modified some of the exercises (or given alternate ones) so that I can continue with the rest of the class and not stress my back. I can do almost all the exercises now. Teena knows how to push you when necessary, but is also aware if you are struggling too much with an exercise and so adjusts them for you until you can handle it. That’s what makes her classes so good.

-- Sue Hanfling

I have been coming to Teena for almost 6 months.

Teena has given me great relief from a nagging lower back pain by strengthening my ABS.

The exercise classes have prevented me from having an operation on my lower back.

I can highly recommend Teena to anyone that suffers lower back pain.

-- Maree Langham

I have been going to Teena at Body Sculpt for just one hour a week for two years now and I feel great.

The bonuses of attending Teena's sessions are, 10kg weight loss and a body I thought was never achievable.

My fitness and strength is great. I really look forward to coming every week and I have always found Teena very professional and her knowledge of health and fitness is very extensive.

I will be going till I'm 100 years old.

-- Kerry Humbler (45)

I started doing pilates 12 months ago with Teena because of a neck and back injury.

During this time Teena has helped me strengthen my core and back/neck muscles.

I only attend once a week and find that this has helped tremendously. I now do not have to rely on pain killers to get through the day which is a great relief. Thanks Teena you have saved my sanity.

-- Karen O'Rourke (36)

What a wonderful difference Pilates with Teena has made to my injured back and neck.

I have regained strength and as well Pilates has toned up my arms, legs and stomach as well as improved my general fitness.

Teena's ball classes are a great way to meet people and become fit at the same time. Thank you Teena.

-- Di Matthews

I’ve been training with Teena for a few years and have done pilates with her for about 5 years. I’ve been trained by other personal trainers, but have seen the best results with Teena. She tailors my program to suit my needs and goals, and constantly changes my exercises to challenge me and achieve results. Teena’s pilates classes are an integral part of my training, and offer different challenges, as well as improving my flexibility and core strength.

-- Cyndi Holmes

With the bride being the centre of attention, there is much pressure to look your best. For most women, your wedding dress is the most important and most expensive dress you will ever buy, therefore you want to look perfect. My wedding dress was figure hugging and like a “second skin” so I was self-conscious of every “lump and bump” on my body. I needed to tone up those “problem” areas, which was going to take the commitment of discipline and time and the right training program.

Much time and effort was applied to planning my wedding, and considering that I was equally important, I applied this same vigorous attention to my body.

With Teena’s demonstrated achievements and experience in body sculpting, I was confident that Teena would guide me in achieving these results.

My weekly routine with Teena involved two one hour personal training sessions and a pilates class for 12 months before my wedding.

On my wedding day, when I stepped into my wedding dress, all my anxieties were erased, as were my “lumps and bumps”. Teena was integral to me achieving this outcome.

-- Jodie

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