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Suffering from acute or chronic illnesses that have no cure? Are you tired of taking supplements and medications that don't appear to have long term benefits?Homeopathy is the most reliable and efficient system of cure for any ailment. It treats the symptoms and looks at the origin rather then trying to treat the disease. Homeopathy heals, restores and eliminates your chances of developing diseases that you may be predisposed to.
Theta Healing is a powerful energy healing technique that will allow you to eliminate your limiting belief patterns and give you freedom to move forward in your life, empowering you to reach your full potential.

Homeopathy & Theta Healing


  • Most complete holistic system of medicine that understands that pain or disease is an overall reflection of a person.

  • Each person is treated as an individual.

  • Cause of the disease is treated rather than symptoms in isolation. In other words we don't eliminate symptoms, we find what causes the imbalance for the body to exhibit such symptoms.

  • Symptoms are taken as body's own attempt to heal itself and any suppression of the symptoms will drive the disease or symptoms further into the body at cellular/molecular level .

  • Safe, effective and gentle.

  • Easily administered to babies, safe for pregnant mothers, the aged and extremely ill, with no side effects.

  • Can be used alongside orthodox medicine.
Homeopathy is based on the philosophy that "like cures Like". Therefore a substance that can cause a dis-ease can also cure a disease. Remedies are prepared by highly qualified Homeopathic pharmacists with high standards of safety and quality & are recognised as both complementary and alternative to orthodox medicine.

In a typical consultation, you will be asked questions regarding all the physical symptoms and then we will explore the mental/emotional picture, taking into account your reaction to situations, likes and dislikes, your temperament, personality. It is a highly skilled task of a Homeopath to see a "thread" running through all of the symptoms. This will give us the simillimum, the remedy that is best suited to you.
For example 5 people with Migraine headaches will be prescribed a different remedy each, depending on their constitutional make up.

"I love working with children and have had great success with a range of illnesses including chronic ear infections, recurrent sore throat, bed wetting, ADHD, Aspergers or any learning difficulties. I am also passionate about working with all aspects of women's health including infertility problems, depression, anxiety, grief, chronic fatigue and any other recurrent illnesses. Teenagers with any specific health problems, victims of bullying, acne and any other acute or chronic illnesses."

Cost to You:
$90.00 (1-2 hour Consultation)
Follow up $50.00
Pensioner rates are available on request.
Cost includes all remedies.

Qualifications: BSc. (Biochem); Dip Hom RCHom-Wellington, NZ

Theta Healing

"An Attainable miracle for your life"
  • Fastest and most effective way to access and reprogramme the subconcious mind, which runs 95% of your response to life.
  • Growing scientific evidence that toxic emotion contributes to disease.
  • Emotions, feelings and thoughts have a direct impact on your physical health.
  • Achieve your goals faster, effectively and empower yourself to reach your full potential.
Theta healing was established in 1995 by Vianna Stibal.
By changing your brain wave cycle to include "Theta" state, you can achieve instantaneous physical and emotional healing. Theta healing is the most poweful energy healing modality that has the ability to change your limiting belief system, your blockages to your lifelong dreams and your patterns of negative emotions into empowering you to achieve your dreams and aspirations, feelings and thoughts with positive and beneficial ones. Theta healing makes permanent changes as it works on all four levels: Core, Genetic, History and Soul.

"Theta healing is a technique that will change your beliefs according to the dictates of your own conscience"- Vianna Stibal.

Cost to You: $100.00 per session (Allow up to 2 hrs)

Qualifications: DNA Basic, DNA advanced, Rainbow Children-Perth, WA

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Dip. Hom;

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