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Border Mindfulness
Your learning at the workshop will be supported by a concise workbook and guided practice recordings, and follow up SMS and email messages for a month will help keep you engaged and moving forward with your mindfulness practice.

Border Mindfulness - Mindfulness

Looking to explore meditation and mindfulness but you’re looking for more than a book or an app? Looking for a way to better manage your stress in 2017? Mindfulness practice provides you with a way to become responsive, resilient and more engaged in life.

This 3 hour workshop is aimed at offering you with a comprehensive introduction to mindfulness and mindfulness based meditation and to get you up and running with a daily mindfulness practice.

Throughout the workshop we will be focusing on:

  • What mindfulness is, and what it isn’t

  • How to set up your mindfulness practice at home

  • How to cultivate mindfulness through formal and informal practice

  • How to applied mindfulness in daily life

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About Border Mindfulness Border Mindfulness offers evidence based training in meditation and mindfulness to individuals, at workplaces and through public courses...
Border Mindfulness - Holistic Counselling & Psychotherapy Services are provided face to face and also via Skype or phone at other times.

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