Bottoms Up Colonics Northern Rivers

Lismore NSW 2480

Servicing area: Lismore, Northern Rivers, Northern NSW

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At Bottoms Up we pride ourselves on providing professional, confidential and gentle closed colonic hydrotherapy treatments.

Bottoms Up Colonics Northern Rivers

Bottoms Up Colonics is a service that was designed to create greater public awareness of the human digestive system. Bottoms Up has skillfully developed a user friendly model of what's commonly called colonic irrigation.

Our therapists undergo comprehensive training using The Rojas Technique.

We're taking the approach of educating people about their digestive system and the health benefits of colonic hydrotherapy.

The company philosophy is one of dedication, professionalism, service and pro-activity. The mission of bottoms Up is to make colonic hydrotherapy transparent and understandable in its approach. We have a commitment to furthering education and knowledge of this complex area of the digestive system that affects so many parts of our body and our health.

When a client visits our Bottoms Up clinic, they can rest assured they will receive a treatment that is tailored to suit their needs. We offer herbal and coffee implants to complement the treatment. We also have a parasite cleanse which is exclusive to Bottoms Up treatments.

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Bottoms Up Colonics Northern Rivers