Bowen Association Australia

Servicing area: Hamilton Central, Queensland

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The Association is the organisation for Bowen Technique practitioners, providing professional guidelines and support for Bowen Therapists in Australia, and provides our members with professional recognition as a Registered Bowen Technique practitioner.

It also acts as a voice between the practitioner and the teaching arm of Bowen, which is the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia or with the affiliated Bowen Training Australia. It is committed to maintaining the highest standard of education and training of Bowen Technique, and to sponsoring research.

Bowen Association Australia

Bowen Association of Australia was formed in 1998 by a group of qualified Bowen practitioners and instructors who had been taught by Ossie and Elaine Rentsch, and the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. The Association was founded to give the practitioners formal recognition, and a common voice and focus, on issues regarding spreading the great news about the Bowen Technique throughout Australia.

This formal recognition also allows us to obtain insurance cover easily, and with a group discount. Since its inception, the Association has worked hard with health funds to gain recognition and acceptance and obtain health funds rebates for all Association members' clients.

The 1st International Bowen Conference was organised by the Bowen Association Australia in April 2000 and we hosted the International Conference in Geelong, Victoria in October 2004,and the International Conference in Manly, Sydney in October 2010.

The Association now strives to keep its members well informed and up to date with a quarterly newsletter, this web site, and a mini-conference held in conjunction with each AGM.

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Bowen Association Australia