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About Us

My name is Sindy Creen and I am a Natural Therapist, qualified in Remedial Massage, Positional Release Therapy, Bowen therapy, Pregnancy massage and Reflexology. Since migrating to South Australia in December 2005, I established bowen2massage, offering a comprehensive range of complementary therapies. bowen2massage has a varied client base aged 15 to 93 years young.

The ethos of bowen2massage is to create an individualised treatment programme using a holistic approach to support and improve the health of its clients. Sindy takes every care to ensure that clients receive the most effective treatment to aim for the best possible outcome. Sindy has over 19 years of experience and prides herself in individualising each treatment according to the client’s needs using a blend of her skills.

Sindy qualified in 1992 in the United Kingdom and continued to develop my skills in Australia, converting my UK qualifications to Australian. My modalities include, Remedial Massage, Positional Release Therapy, Pregnancy massage, Myofascial Release Technique, Craniosacral Technique (CST), Bowen therapy and Foot Reflexology.

Sindy is an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS) and WorkCoverSA approved, Pensioner Concessions, Health rebates and Gift Vouchers available.

For further information or to make an appointment contact Sindy on 1300 884 782.



Touch is our natural healing instinct. Massage can help by enhancing the blood flow to the major muscle groups, eliminating cellular waste, toxins and excess fluids. Relaxing tight, stretched and overworked muscles eases tension throughout the body. Regular massage brings the body back into alignment and improves sleep, immunity and health.


Aromatherapy is the art and science of blending essential oils for therapeutic use. Essential oils are highly aromatic natural extracts taken from tiny oil glands in the flowers, roots, stalks, bark, seeds, leaves, gum or rind of the plant, with each essential oil having unique therapeutic properties.

The use of aromatherapy oils dates back to Egyptian times where the priest doctors used oils and gums as burnt offerings to their gods. Massaging essential oils into the skin encourages growth of new cells, delaying the process of ageing by eliminating old cells more quickly and increasing the elasticity of the skin. This in turn promotes healing and acceleration of toxic elimination. Essential oils help to relieve stress and tension by their effect on peripheral nerve endings and can create a state of euphoria and help to balance the physiological harmony which gives us a sense of wellbeing both physically and mentally.

Because they are so powerful, essential oils are usually diluted before they are used directly on the skin. Essential oils do not dissolve in water but do dissolve in oil, so to disperse them on the skin they need to be mixed with a “carrier oil”. An Aromatherapy Massage can help and relieve many health problems such as:
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Migraines
  • Tension Headaches
  • Premenstrual Tension
  • Muscular Aches and Pains


A form of treatment by means of pressure points was known in India and China 5000 years ago. North American Indian tribes knew the relationship between the reflex points and the internal organs of the body and used this knowledge to treat disease. It is still used in Indian reservations. Reflexology was rediscovered by Dr Willian Fitzgerald. In 1985 he graduated in medicine at the University of Vermont, and then practised in hospitals in Vienna, Paris and London before specializing in ear, nose and throat disorders. He developed the concept of treating the body through pressure points found on the feet.

The technique was further developed by, Eunice Ingham, who spent many years gaining insight into how reflex zone therapy worked and developed the method we use today.

Reflexologists believe that energy flows in zones and meridians throughout the body. This theory specifies that there are ten energy zones (or channels) which run the length of the body from head to toe, 5 on each side of the body ending in each foot and running down the arms into the tips of the fingers. All the organs and parts of the body lie along one or more of these zones. By applying pressure to the reflex points on the feet, energy or ‘chi’ is encouraged to flow freely through the channel to affect a specific part of the body lying within that zone. The soles of our feet and the palms of our hands are a mirror image of the whole of the body.

Reflexology helps reduce stress and can induce deep relaxation, improving circulation assisting in cleansing the body of toxins. Reflexology helps to balance and revitalise the body offering preventive healthcare.

During a treatment you will be lying comfortably on a therapy table with shoes and socks removed. The therapist will apply pressure using her thumbs and fingers over the reflexes on the feet. If there is an energy blockage in any zones, then pain may be experienced by the patient when that particular area is being treated on the feet.

A treatment will last between 30 and 45 minutes. For first appointments please allow 15 minutes extra for consultation purposes.

Following the treatment it is advisable that you drink plenty of water to assist with the dispersal of toxins.

Health benefits available from some Health Funds

Positional Release Therapy

Positional Release therapy is a gentle but powerful treatment. It combines well with other therapies, such as massage, myofascial release and craniosacral technique.

Positional Release therapy is an excellent way to release hypersensitive tissue easily and quickly. It uses the body’s nervous system to remind the muscles to relax.

This treatment is usually used first to relax the muscles and is useful in the treatment of both spinal and peripheral orthopaedic problems. The practitioner will use precise positioning of the body and use monitor points to relax muscles in an effortless way. The body or body part that is in dysfunction is placed in the position of greater comfort (for approximately 90 seconds), then the client is slowly brought out of this position allowing the body to reset its muscles to a normal level of tension.

Myofascial Release Technique

Myofascial Release Technique is a hands-on therapy. The hands are placed on your body, usually skin-to-skin and the therapist applies pressure through their hands. Hand positions vary over different parts of your body according to the area that is being treated. The hand positions can be cross-handed or sandwich the body between the hands i.e. the therapists one hand on the back and the other on the front of the body.

The pressure that is applied through the therapists hands is gradual and in the case of the cross-handed application the pressure created is three-dimensional. This sustained pressure aims to release and soften connective tissue and is normally applied between 3-5 minutes to allow the release to take place. During this time the therapist will not only feel and monitor the changes in the tissues in that particular area but will observe any other reactions in your body as a result of these releases. These reactions could be muscle twitching, an emotional release known as a “somato-emotional” release, or a vasometer response (areas of redness on the skin).

Myofascial Release Technique is aimed at realigning the body and in turn improving posture. The improvement in posture brought about by treatment will assist in reducing pain in the body such as low back pain or shoulder pain. Misalignment in a certain part of the body can cause referred pain, such as low back pain and stiffness result in the neck area that can cause headaches. Releasing the tension in the lower back can result in relief from the headaches.

Treatment times can vary according to the work required; you should allow 45 to 60 minutes.

The therapist can facilitate the changes in your body, but it is your willingness to let go and allow the release to happen that will create the desired changes.

Myofascial Release Technique can be helpful to a wide range of conditions such as:
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Back pain
  • Neck pain
  • Improving posture
  • Insomnia
  • Sinusitis
  • Digestive disorders
  • PMT
  • Menstrual problems

Anma (Japanese Massage)

Anma is rooted in ancient Nepal, Tibet and western China, where it was developed over 7,000 years ago. Anma is the oldest known form of traditional Asian massage and is one of the oldest forms of massage in the world.

Shiatsu, Swedish Massage, the more common forms of massage, were developed from Anma.

During the treatment muscles are stimulated by stroking, kneading, and stretching to help promote health. Varying pressures and speeds are used to help to reduce tension and pain in the body as well as to stimulate the internal organs. The internal organs are stimulated by applying pressure and working through the various meridians or tsubo points. Tsubo are points on the body that can be stimulated to relieve pain or to produce certain effects in the internal organs and relieve symptoms, which are used to balance and maintain overall health. Treatments can be tailored according to each clients needs.

An Anma treatment can be given through light clothing, with the client either seated or lying down. Anma is an excellent therapy for preventative health care.

Please allow 45 minutes for a treatment.

Pregnancy massage

Help and nurture your body throughout its amazing changes. This gentle massage will assist with low back pain, fluid retention and improve circulation.

Throughout the treatment you will be supported with pillows in a sidelying position. Bowen therapy and myofascial release techniques can be used to release tense painful muscles and balance the body.

If you are using music to relax you and the baby with, I encourage you to bring it along to play during the massage.

Allow 90 minutes for appointment.

Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a natural, non-invasive, totally holistic therapy, which treats the entire body and is called after the man who developed it, Thomas Bowen. Tom Bowen originally worked alongside Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Physiotherapists but developed his own system of treating the body. The technique has regularly been shown to help clients with problems that have affected them for many years. It has a broad spectrum of application, including chronic back pain, frozen shoulder, sports injuries, whiplash, migraine, hay fever, asthma, IBS, colic, stress, fibromyalgia, ME and lymphoedema.

Bowen is suitable for all age groups including newborn babies and the very elderly. Treatment can be given through light clothing. The treatment involves the Bowen therapist, using only their thumbs and fingers, making gentle rolling movements over muscles, tendons, ligaments and skin at precise points on the body. The pressure that is applied by the therapist is very little and is referred to as eyeball type pressure. The therapist uses the slack skin to access the tissue, applies pressure and then makes a rolling type move over the area. The process releases energy, sending impulses to the brain, which in turn triggers a neural response in the body.

A key factor of Bowen Therapy is that of the breaks between each set of moves in order to allow the work to take effect. With the move being as subtle as it is, the body and the brain need time to establish a) what has happened and b) what action if any needs to be taken as a result.

Bowen Therapy is a stand-alone treatment but can be incorporated within other treatments.

Allow 60 minutes for appointment.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

Do you have any of these symptoms?
  • tension headaches
  • jaw clenching
  • neck tension
  • sciatica
  • difficulty in relaxing
  • anxiety
  • insomnia or
  • depression

then Craniosacral Therapy (CST) may be your solution. It is a gentle hands-on therapy that allows the body to relax and release tension and is suitable for all ages from infants to the elderly.

CST taps into a motion called the craniosacral rhythm that can be felt most strongly at the head (cranium) and the base of the spine (sacrum). The rhythm is wave of fluid which continuously flows around the brain and spinal cord.

We have 24 skull bones joined to one another by joints called sutures. It is important to your health that these bones are free to move because the position and movement of those affects the way the brain functions.

CST works on the nervous, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems; physical tension in the body may be connected to strong feelings/emotions relating to past injury or experience, when the body relaxes feelings/emotions can surface.

Cranial misalignments can occur when a person is subjected to a stress the body cannot adapt to. The stresses come in three major forms
  • Physical – childbirth, falls, knocks,
  • Chemical – food additives, drugs, alcohol , sprays, fumes
  • Emotional – anger resentment, jealousy, fear

For CST you will lie fully clothed on a comfortable massage table. The therapist will place their hands on a section of your spine, cranium and/or sacrum and hold this position until they feel the cranial rhythm. She may place her hands on your ribs, shoulder, thighs or feet. Treatment times can vary according to the work required; you should allow 45 to 60 minutes.

CST can be combined with other therapies such as massage and Myofascial Release Technique. Sindy Creen has a diploma in remedial massage (DRM) is a bowen practitioner and a reflexologist.

For more information and to make appointments, please call 1300 884 782.


bowen2massage is available for appointments.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Fridays: 10:00am to 6pm
Last Saturday of the month: 10:00am to 1pm

Earlier appointments can be made by arrangements.

Appointments vary in length from 30 minutes through to 90 minutes or longer and are negotiated at the time of booking, based on the desired treatment.

Please contact Sindy on 1300 884 782 to make an appointment.

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