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BOWEN THERAPY - TRAINED BY BOWTECH " the original Bowen technique"-----------Gentle, effective relief for pain and ill health. Do you know someone who could benefit from Bowen Therapy? A Gift voucher is a perfect way to introduce Bowen to a friend, family member or collegue. Contact Michaela at Bowen and Beyond to organise a Gift Voucher.

Bowen & Beyond

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Feet problems Wellbeing Pregnancy support Respiratory problem Stress Management Neck tension

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Michaela at Bowen & Beyond is a skilled practitioner who is dedicated to providing solutions when the body has restricted movement, is in pain or has ill health through the use of the Bowen Technique. She is gentle and compassionate, offering personalised care in a relaxed and stress-free environment. Michaela has always been interested in the wellbeing of peoples lives. Fourteen years ago trained as a Beauty Therapist with a strong curiosity towards the benefits of alternative therapies. Bowen Therapy has made a huge impact to Michaelas own life and her whole wellbeing. Over the last five years she has used Bowen Therapy to improve the health of others.

What is Bowen Therapy ?

Bowen therapy is a dynamic and skilful remedial technique used to treat pain and discomfort of the body. It has been known to treat thousands of people from around the globe suffering from a variety of illnesses and physical complaints.

A Bowen treatment is gentle, non invasive and consists of small but precise rolling type moves with the thumbs or fingers. After a sequence of moves the practitioner may pause and step away from the body or even leave the room to allow the body to process the moves and respond effectively. These moves activate the bodys own healing ability enabling incredible results.

A Bowen treatment is not limited to the presenting physical problem but extends to the emotional, cognitive and spiritual aspects of the individual.

Substantial relief is frequently attained after the session, with most people requiring only two to four treatments, usually one week apart, to resolve their problem.

Bowen is suitable to be used on all ages from new born babies to the very elderly, from the fit and active to the critically ill.

Some conditions Bowen is used for:

  • sports and accident injuries
  • back pain
  • neck tension
  • headaches/migraines
  • frozen shoulder
  • knee/ankle/feet problems
  • scoliosis
  • jaw tension
  • hormonal problems
  • pregnancy
  • asthma/respiratory problems
  • digestive complaints/constipation
  • stress/nervous conditions
  • kidney/bladder
  • liver problems
  • grounding and re-balancing

    Bowen Therapy Session

    Each treatment session may last up to an hour. Every person has different needs and no treatment is the same. Some people and particular moves require longer pauses between moves. A Bowen session is usually done on a massage bed but can be done while seated in a chair. Clothes can be kept on, although some moves are better working straight on the skin.

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