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Maya Singh

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Restore your body's health through Integrated Natural Therapies

Bowen Bliss

Servicing area

Hobart, Taroona, Kingston, Blackmans Bay and Snug

Focus areas

Purpose Joy Healing art Circulation Headaches Sprains


At Bowen Bliss a combination of modalities such as Bowen Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Reiki are used to initiate best healing and recovery whether your symptoms stem from a physical problem or a mental/emotional problem. Your body is special and needs to be cared for regularly. Treatments are especially tailored for your individual needs and wellbeing. So allow yourself and come and enjoy these great Therapies. I know your body will!

Are you suffering from any of the following conditions:

  • back pain / sciatica / frozen shoulder and or other shoulder and neck
  • related problems
  • chronic fatigue and constant tiredness
  • respiratory problems
  • knee,ankle and foot problems
  • digestive problems that are never ending
  • ongoing headache problems
  • stress
  • low self esteem low

These are only some of the problems addressed by the above therapies. By applying these therapies to a specific problem you may find that some of your other issues and conditions are relieved. At Bowen Bliss these therapies are called Wholistic Therapies because they address the whole body and mind initiating healing on a physical / mental / emotional and spiritual levels.

So listen to your body and pick up the phone for an appointment with Maya
Call 0400 505 269


19A Churchill Road. Taroona TAS 7054
Phone: 0400505269

Maya Singh

Your local Bowen Therapist, Reflexologist and Reiki Practitioner

Maya combines her therapies with a sound knowledge of conventional medicine gained through 35 years as a registered nurse in public health. It is her unique combination of traditional Eastern and modern Western modalities which enables her to identify individual clients specific needs, and strengthens the impact of her healing.

There are treatments available for many specific disorders of day to day living including gastro-intestinal, respiratory-circulatory, nervous system, genito-urinary, immune system, orthopaedic and others. All therapies are compatible with other health systems including standard medical treatment.


      Certificate in Bowen Therapy.


      Completed First and Second Degree in USUI System of REIKI Natural Healing.


      Certificate in Reflexology.


      Completed Spiritual Practitioner Training Level 1.


    Full Member of the Bowen Association of Australia.


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