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Susan Lagats

Noraville NSW 2263

Servicing area: Central Coast, New South Wales

Susan is an experienced Bowen and Emmett Therapist of 20 years working primarily from a referral base practice.

Susan's experience in BowenTherapy and the Emmett Technique is combined with Cranial Therapy and Touch for Helath Kinesiology where needed for a personalised blend of bodywork to suite your needs.

This gentle blend of bodywork enables muscles to self adjust with the aim of realigning your body through relaxation. Painrelief is why this therapy is so effectiive and our unique blend of bodywork enables a  dynamic, and effective option for a growing range of concerns for conditions that are restricting or debilitating. Providing support for chronic or acute conditions, illness, allergies and hormonal concerns.

Treatments are safe for all ages and the elderly.

Susan also uses the Australian Bush Essences known for emotional support, Practitioner only Herbal supplements from Metagenics and Young Living Essential oils with their Therapeutic Grade quality. These are optional and enable home support.

Bowen Essence

Welcome to Bowen Essence

Susan's  practice is inspired by the Bowen and Emmett Techniques and wellness naturally. The unique approach of body rebalancing and muscle release is a combination of therapy offering many positive changes .

The Bowen and Emmett Techniques work incredibly on their own.
Each Technique has its own reputation for results influencing the bodys own capacity to adjust and rebalanced. The bodywork is gentle, non invasive and very relaxing and begins a corrective response in the body to any unresolved or outstanding physical concerns. These techniques forms the basis of our holistic approach, awakening an incredible potential within the body that encourages positive change. Clients feedback has them more relaxed and comfortable with an improved state of being.

Susan's background in Herbal Medicine means the availability of a Professional Range of supplements can be incorporated for added benefit . Also available are The Australian Bush Flower Essences specially blended as are the  pure certified theraputic grade Essential Oils available as an added  benefit for home care to support any physical or emotional concerns giving clients some independence when looking after their own health.


What To Expect In Your Appointment

Your experience begins as you step into rooms designed with a balinese influence to reconnect you to self and nature while providing a sanctuary and space for healing. Essential oils used enhance an environment designed to resonate with nature in balance, and make you feel totally comfortable.

We will discuss your health concerns and treatment focus. In each treatment your body is self correcting and progress can create change making you more comfortable. As your body improves each treatment will be adjusted with a goal to maintain balance and relax tension where needed. Clients experience progressive relief and maintain long term results by choosing to have followups whenever they need it or as prevention anywhere from monthly to six monthly.

Why Choose Bowen Essence?

Professional treatments, effective results and client care is our priority. All in an environment that invites a healing change.The Bowen Technique is used on its own or integrated with the Emmett Technique.
The blend of both Techniques is optional but preferred by long term clients and offers unique results that make our business like no other. In addition to your treatments, Proffesional Supplements are available, alongside the effective doTerra Essential Oils that can be made up for personal home use, at your reques,t these oils will offer another level to the support of your wellbeing.


Wednesday to Friday 10.ooam to 4.30pm
Saturday 9.30am to 1.30pm

What Is The Bowen & Emmett Technique?

Each Technique is a form of body work that is gentle and non invasive. Each uses moves in specific areas to influence the body to make positive changes that create harmony in body function and movement.

Bowen uses moves over muscles that encourage the body to self adjust stimulating a healing response that can focus on any dis-ease concerns, many of which create pain and dysfunction.

Emmett is a muscle release therapy that is very specific in its use. Unique assessments and holding points involved in a changing series of moves mean the therapist communicates to the body gently and easily releasing trauma and tension in muscles that are ready for change.

Why use Essential Oils and The Bush Flower Essences?

Emotional wellbeing is an important part of staying healthy and these essences are optional with or without your treatment to provide support to any emotional demands that life brings.

The Bush Flower Essences are energetic remedies that harness the therapeutic qualities of the Australian Bush. They have a balancing effect on emotions for any age and are very safe, used as drops under the tongue.

The Essential Oils offer natural ande support for your family health . For those who want to manage and maintain health these oils are available.

Qualification details

Diploma Proficiency Bowen Therapy,
Cerificate IV Bowen Therapy
Certificate Level 6 Emmett Technique
Diploma Medical Herbalism,
Diploma Complimentary Medical Science
Certificate Australian Bush Flower Essences


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