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Bowen therapy specialist Rosalie applies a range of Bowen Therapy moves to bring about relief from pain and restricted movement, and incorporates aspects of Trigger point release and Lymphatic Drainage where required to clients of all ages drawn from Subiaco and surrounding Perth suburbs.


Servicing area

Subiaco, Western Australia

Focus areas

Golfers elbow Neck massage Disc related pain Stress management Sinus Pain relief

What Is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen Therapy is an effective soft tissue treatment for pain relief from:

    • Headaches


    • Sciatic style pain


    • Post Op Knee


    • Frozen shoulder,


    • Neck, shoulder and back pain and/or stiffness


    • Bulging disc/s


    • Carpal tunnel


    • Computer Posture Imbalances


    • Tennis, Golf & "mouse" elbow


    • Sinus congestion


    • Plantar fasciitis


    • Knee pain


    • Joint restriction


    • Arthritic symptoms


    • Asthma


plus it's a great form of relaxation for stress related symptoms.

Bowen Therapy consists of a series of cross fibre (rolling) moves over muscles, ligaments and or tendons that can deactivate trigger points in the body. This is done using varying pressure and building in time delays between moves to allow the body time to respond and release.

How Does It Work?

Bowen works on the fascia (connective tissue) initiating relaxation and realignment. This along with improved blood/oxygen flow and increased lymphatic drainage of toxins, assists the body's natural healing processes, leading to improved functioning ability, and relief from pain, discomfort and improved joint mobility.

Application of Bowen moves is made easier if light, loose and comfortable clothing is worn.

For more information or advice regarding Bowen therapy treatment or to organise an appointment - please call or email us!


Other Services

Rosalie will be running an Introductory Bowen Therapy. Please call or email for more details.


  • Diploma Of Bowen Therapy
  • Cert Iv In Training And Assessment

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