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Bowen Therapy Emmett

Anne Marie Ferguson

Rowville VIC 3178

Servicing area: Mobile Service available to surrounding suburbs of Rowville

Bowen Therapy Emmett

Bowen Therapy, Emmett Technique & Scar Release

Bowen Therapy Emmett

The first session is generally 60 minutes which includes a full postural assessment. Usually, clients only require 2 or 3 sessions depending on their condition. Bowen Therapy and the Emmett Technique are remedial soft tissue therapies that help release tension much the same as massage. The difference is that in both of these therapies, the location of where moves are made are usually more specific and the therapist uses minimum pressure. There are pauses and rests between 30 seconds to 15 minutes with certain procedures as the body integrates the information that has been applied.

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Qualification Details

Art of Bowen- October 2018 Seattle includes Scar Release Technique by Alaistair McLoughlin
Emmett Technique Full Practioner Level-July 2018, EP 1- May 2018 Seattle
Diploma of Bowen Therapy (2015) Bowen Training Australia Bachelor of Inter-Cultural Studies – (1996) Ethnos 360,
Language and Linguistics Institute, Camdenton, Missouri, USA
Emmet Technique- module 1 & 2/Ross Emmett 2017
John Garfield- AMT Pelvic Symmetry/Neck 2016
TMJ & Hormonal Course- Ron Phelan 2015
SP2 Course Masters- Ossie & Elaine Rentsh 2015
2 Shoulder Courses- David Winters 2014
Mind/Body Bowen- Margaret Spicer/Anne Schubert 2014
SP2 Course- Ossie & Elaine Rentsh 2014
Certificate of Bowen Therapy- Border College of Natural Therapies (2013)

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Bowen Therapy Emmett