Bowenworks Mandurah

Chrissie Carruthers

85 BORTOLO drv
Greenfields WA 6210

Servicing area: Mandurah, Falcon, Dawesville, Lakelands, Silversands

Bowen Therapy is an effective approach to pain relief. If pain is getting in your way Bowen Therapy can help it go away.

Every body is better with Bowenwork.

Bowenworks Mandurah

People worldwide have claimed substantial relief from Bowenwork, for conditions such as

  • Back Pain,

  • Sacral Pain, Sciatica

  • Bursitis

  • carpal-Tunnel syndrome,

  • colic

  • shoulder pain,

  • hammer toes and plantar fascitis

  • Hamstring tension,

  • Headache, migraines, earproblems and dizziness

  • Jaw and TMJ problems

  • Knee problems and cramps

  • and more

Every body is better with Bowenwork

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Bowenworks Mandurah