Brad Tucker

Brad Tucker

Mudgee Physio.
3/ 47-55 Market st
Mudgee NSW 2850

Servicing area: Mudgee, New South Wales

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Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy.
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Services available at:

Mudgee Physio, 3/47-55 Market St Mudgee NSW.

Brad Tucker

*I perform deep remedial massage, Active Tissue Release and connective tissue approach to treating your whole system, as well as CST.

Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral therapy is at the vanguard of energetic medecine and can address the causes of misallignment of the body from an energetic perspective. Very light touch is employed to tune into the bodies' deeper rhythms allowing the body to communicate its restrictions to the practitioner. This is my main focus at the moment rather than traditional massage as I believe this work to be more profound and lasting in its effects.

*This is a deeply profound therapy and can be used for correction of misaligments to the spine, skull, jaw, pelvis and soft tissues which may be causing chronic pain. Injuries involving physical trauma can also benefit from this work.

*All the internal organs of the body can also be addressed.

* Babies respond amazingly well to this non invasive treatment.

*I perform a limited amount of remedial massage incorporating Active Tissue Release on restricted muscles and the connective tissues of the body.

*Active Tissue Release work is a method of releasing muscular restrictions in a rapid and precise manner to allow the body to more quickly return to a neutral pain free state. The assistance of the client in self maintenance is of the utmost importance and includes some stretching and movement excercises.

*I have helped developed this method to assist in reducing the discomfort to the client who may have experienced pain in traditional deep tissue therapy. Active Tissue Release allows for a more thorough examination of the tissues.

Qualification details

Bachelor of Science, University of New England. 1988
Diploma of Remedial Massage, ACNT. 1999
Remedial supervior at ACNT 200-2006, Head supervisor 2005/6.
Diploma in Biodynamic Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Wellness institute USA. 2005-2008.
Lecturer Assistant for The Wellness Institute 2009-2012

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