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Breathing connects you with your inner self and helps you manage stress more effectively.

Breathing, Movement & Mindfulness Practices & Functional Breathing Retraining

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Avalon, Edgecliff, Sydney's Northern Beaches & North Shore NSW

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Stress management Habits Emotional wellbeing Relaxation Purpose Wellness

Breathing Exercises That Strengthen the Mind and Body

Dr Rosalba Courtney ND DO PHD holds functional breathing workshops in Avalon NSW. You’re also strongly encouraged to take part in our 5-week course that focuses on different breathing exercises that realigns the mind and body.

Breathing, Movement and Mindfulness Program

This training program will take you through calming breathwork exercises to relax your mind and body while restoring your vitality.

Rosalba will guide you through diverse breathing techniques that were developed from a broad range of science-backed practices. This 5-week Breathing, Movement and Mindfulness program covers the following lessons:

  • Session 1 – Embodying presence with mindful breath and body practices
  • Session 2 – Exploring mindful movement and whole body breathing
  • Session 3 – Watching mindflow. Being the observer of your own mind and feelings
  • Session 4 – Managing the vagus and connection
  • Session 5 – Power up and calm down

Functional Breathing Retraining

This retraining program took more than 25 years to complete. Rosalba combined a variety of techniques that she learned and has been practicing throughout the course of her profession, to ensure this course brings optimum results to one’s health. 

The Functional Breathing Retraining program aims to calm you, improve your posture and revive your muscular function through breathing, movement, mindfulness and relaxation exercises.

Breathing dysfunction is almost always triggered by stress and a slew of chronic conditions. Developing the proper breathing techniques will rapidly improve your health and reduce symptoms of pain and other health disorders like asthma, stress, anxiety, sleep apnea, among others.

Benefits of a Functional Breathing Retraining Program
  • Treats breathlessness and breathing discomfort
  • Relieves asthma and chronic lung complaints
  • Alleviates snoring and sleep apnea
  • Fixes poor breathing patterns and habits
  • Reduces anxiety disorders
  • Treats hyperventilation disorders  

Before attending your 5-week workshop, Dr. Courtney will perform a thorough assessment of your lungs, hyperventilation and breathing pattern. After this, you will undergo a 1-hour weekly breathing therapy session for five weeks. You may opt for an individual program or join a small class.

In between sessions, we encourage you to practice the breathing exercises given you in the comfort of your own home. A follow-up consultation with Rosalba is recommended to see your progress as well as the potential need for additional treatments.

Book an appointment and learn more about the benefits of our weekly breathing therapy exercises and workshops.

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