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Learn the correct breathing exercises that will free you from pain.

Integrative Breathing Therapist & Osteopath

The Art and Science of Integrative Breathing Therapy

Dr Rosalba Courtney ND DO PHD relieves pain on patients at the Breath Body Clinic in Avalon NSW and restores their health and wellbeing through osteopathy.

Rosalba has been an osteopath for more than 35 years now. Every day, she works to improve her patients’ conditions by providing them with the necessary skills such as breathing exercises, muscle and postural training, stress management and mindfulness techniques.

As an osteopath and breathing therapist, she combines the tools of modern medicine with complementary healing systems to produce best results.

She was drawn to breathing therapy sometime in the 90s, which inspired her to put up the Integrative Breathing Therapy. The good doctor was among the first practitioners of Buteyko trained outside of Russia.

She went on to train other practitioners and teach patients the Buteyko breathing method for many years before learning and incorporating other techniques in her treatment approach.

She finished her PhD at RMIT University, where she did her dissertation on “Dysfunctional Breathing: Its Parameters, Measurement and Clinical Relevance". Rosalba has since published more than 15 peer-reviewed manuscripts and medical book chapters on this topic.

A Dynamic Presenter, Teacher and Writer

Rosalba's time and energy aren't confined to the four walls of the clinic. She also presents at local and international conferences, including the following:

  • Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand
  • International Society of Respiratory Psychophysiology Conference
  • Asthma Foundation
  • Several osteopathic conferences

She also serves as the mentor of osteopathic students with regard to their research projects at Southern Cross University in Lismore. Her expertise in  combining and compressing complex information from scientific literature for the purpose of assisting clinicians has also made her a noted figure in the industry. 

Rosalba relentlessly writes about, researches and teaches Integrative Breathing Therapy to educate patients and professionals in the healthcare industry on the efficacy of this treatment method.

She also holds training programs on Integrative Approaches to Assessing and Treating Dysfunctional Breathing for an audience that mainly consists of osteopaths, physiotherapists, speech therapists, dentists and other health professionals.

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Qualification details

Diploma of Naturopathy (ND)
Diploma Osteopathy (DO)
Doctor of Philosophy (Breathing Therapy and Complementary Medicine) PhD

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Dr Rosalba Courtney ND DO PHD - Integrative Breathing Therapy