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Jul 2009

Bowen - Brilliant Living Solutions

Contact Name Susan Chattaway
Phone 08 8269 1665
Mobile 0410 442 052
Servicing Areas Servicing Adelaide region and surrounds
With Susan and Steve you have a choice of gender for your Bowen Therapist. We also offer a range of different modalities: Neuro-Training with Kinesiology, Hormonal Dynamics (M&F), Lymph System, Digestive Disorders, Reiki...

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About Brilliant Living Solutions

At Brilliant Living Solutions you will receive a careful and considered treatment that respects who you are and whatever your ailments might be. We will take a detailed history, listen carefully to you and provide you with simple explanations of what we do both before and during your treatment. We will endeavour to increase your knowledge of what may have caused your symptoms and what we intend to do to improve your situation. We work WITH you in a gentle, supportive and caring manner.

We offer a range of therapies that often work as well together as they do individually, to achieve amazing results, quite often better than you could imagine. Bowen works on the misalignment of the musculoskeletal body, while the mineral therapy works on the metabolic symptoms you may have believed were just part of your makeup - perhaps something that you thought you just had to ‘live with’ - after all, they’re kind of normal ... aren’t they? Neuro-Training with Kinesiology helps in ALL the areas that seem to have more going on than 'just the symptom,' as it is working with retraining the brain - providing different options from the previous and unhelpful learned behaviours we all develop over time. Neuro-Training makes the changes you are ready to make, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Susan Chattaway

Dip.BT, Dip. BioMed, Cert IV Kinesiologist, Cert IV Neuro-Trainer
Registered with IICT

Susan has always had an interest in health and as a personal choice has utilised many complimentary therapies as well as the medical profession. With a Diploma in Bowen Therapy since 2008 and achieved an International Diploma in the Clinical Science of BioChemic Therapy (mineral deficiencies) and Facial Diagnostics, she has also studied basic nutrition, Glycobiology and Reiki.

Her studies have extended to Nerve Dynamics & Hormone Dynamics, with previous training including Lymphatic treatment. This has been extremely successful for clients suffering fluid retention (oedema). The hormonal treatments have proven to be a great success. Many clients achieving complete relief from their symptoms. With Neuro-Training and Kinesiology (NTK) added to her set of skills, she offers a wide range of assistance to people who have tried a lot of things with little or no success. This methodology incorporates mental, emotional as well as physical and energy symptoms that you'd really like to change.  NTK can also be offered remotely, so check out that page for more details on how.


    • Diploma in Bowen Therapy including:
      • Nerve Dynamics
      • Hormone Dynamics
      • Lymphatic Drainage
    • Cert IV in Kinesiology / Neuro-Training
    • International Diploma in The Clinical Science of BioChemic Therapy
    • Facial Diagnostics
    • Reiki – Level II in the Usui System


  • International Institute for Complementary Therapists (IICT)
  • Previously with Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia Inc (BTFA)
    (Filled various roles on the BTFA as National Treasurer, Committee Member and also Administration)
  • Previously with Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)

Steve Payne-Ross

Registered Bowen Therapist

After experiencing personal health issues and providing support for a partner through cancer and other serious life threatening illnesses, Steve realised that regaining better health and wellness just takes a little effort. He utilized many complimentary medicine and allopathic approaches to achieve results and was drawn towards alleviating other people’s health challenges as a consequence.

Steve studied alongside Susan in the same modalities, having a Diploma in Bowen Therapy and as a Reiki Practitioner, and has specialized in men’s health (hormonal) targeting the prostate. To date he has personal experience in the treatment’s success and has helped many achieve the same results.


  • Diploma in Bowen Therapy including:
    • Nerve Dynamics
    • Hormone Dynamics
    • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Reiki – Level II in the Usui System


  • Previously with Bowen Therapists Federation of Australia Inc (BTFA)
    (Filled various roles on the BTFA with one year as National Treasurer and one year as President of the BT
  • Previously with Australian Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS)FA)

Ongoing training adds to their qualifications to ensure to ensure they are up to the minute with services to the benefit of our clients.

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