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You can rise up from anything.You can completely recreate yourself; nothing is permanent. You are not stuck, you have choices. You can think new thoughts, you can learn something new. You can create new habits. All that matters is that you decide to make the change and never look back.


Brilliant Living Solutions - Kinesiology with Neuro-Training


Start with knowing that change is always a function of readiness!

Our tendency to accept that illness is a fact of life is strongly entrenched in our minds and hearts as well as our expectations of the world we live in. Consequently we have ‘learned’ beliefs and habits which often misguide us, because it’s all we know, or have been told to expect. Sometimes we can simply be unaware of what is available to us now. More and more people are starting to ‘think outside the box’ and realizing that there is more to living, and that good health should be the norm, not the occasional experience! You can in fact fulfill your potential and return to a state of health that you no longer thought was even possible (mentally and physically), but YOU have to take charge.

Tapping into your neurology enables retraining to take place at all levels; providing you with different choices and options from the previous learned behaviours that are probably holding you back. Working together, it is you who ‘steers where you want to go’ and to make the changes you are ready to make. Susan only helps you get there, to do life 'easier'. She helps you make the changes you want to bring about, mentally, physically and emotionally. So YOU determine what’s needed... not the practitioner! It is easier and much quicker than you would expect.

If you could… how would you like to be?

    • Stress free
    • Free of the fear of flying
    • Alert and energised
    • Able to make decisions
    • Pain free (physical or emotional)
    • Calm, on a regular basis
    • Less confused (with a more rational perspective)
    • Less anxious or afraid / no panic attacks
    • Sleep better and recover fully
    • Not be ruled or upset by family attitudes towards you

Remote sessions



Can't get in to see Susan? Whether you live in Adelaide but can't get in to see her or in Perth, Tasmania, Kangaroo Island, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, or even London, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Mexico City or anywhere around the world, you can now book a remote session with her. These remote sessions are incredibly effective and ensure you stay in balance. Get in touch to book your next remote - or face to face session.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not a philosophy, this is physics” - Albert Einstein

How does the surrogate process work?

Kinesiology works with the energy flow in the body.

When you act as a surrogate for someone else, you energetically step into the other person’s energy. (This is only possible with the permission of the other person).

Therapist or a nominated surrogate (person A) energetically becomes the client (person B) [for the duration of the session only] so that the muscle testing is done for the client not for the Therapist.

I confirm (with muscle monitoring) that I am testing the absent client and not myself or the surrogate. Upon that confirmation, the session begins.

This is also true for the Neuro-Training balances completed during the session, ie. they are completed on the surrogate, but the full effect is taken on by the client.

This can be done with the facilitator working on someone else who is surrogating for the client or the Therapist themselves can surrogate for the client whereby the testing and balances are completed on themselves, the Therapist. For best results a photo and some DNA including nail clippings, or some hair is sent in advance to the Kinesiologist as well as answering questions related to your focus/issues.  If performed using FaceTime it allows you to experience first hand what is happening and you can respond or answer questions, etc. on the spot, making the whole experience as up close and personal as if you were right there in the room.

When would you use a surrogate?

There are times it is not possible or
practical to work on the client in need of the Kinesiology treatment.

A surrogate session is useful for:

  • people who are interstate or overseas and unable to attend the session
  • the elderly who cannot leave their chair without a great deal of help
  • anyone suffering from an injury which prevents them being able to move 
  • young children and babies who cannot understand the instructions to “hold” their muscle position
  • anyone who can not comfortably move in certain positions
  • anyone where language is an issue

The following is only part of the feedback from a client who had a session using a surrogate, performed using FaceTime between Australia and the UK.

I am saying I FEEL GREAT – I no longer feel disappointed or frustrated or controlled or….. well, all the negative things that were so tight inside me.  IT’S ALL GONE. 

The easiest bit to explain is how I feel overall and that is “SO MUCH BETTER”.  The angst; the dilemma’s; the uncertainty – that is what I no longer feel, and I really don’t know why !!???!!!


I didn’t expect this kind of “change” at all so it cannot even be a bit of me “willing it” – I had no idea this was even an option – feeling this way / feeling these kind of changes…..

Anyway – THANK YOU – not sure what you have done / how you did it – only that whatever it was you did – I am very grateful for.  It really is amazing.

Cindy, UK

It's not how far you've come, it's how far can you go?

How Neuro-Training works

Neuro-Training is the result of the combination of techniques that have worked for some people, with new techniques that make them work for everyone. No matter who your are or what you do, you will benefit from Neuro-Training.

The Nervous System is awesome in its connections and ability to control all your functions! This all happens subconsciously. The nervous system’s behaviours include how you think, feel and act in given circumstance and even how you develop your ‘life patterns’.

With Neuro-Training we have a number of processes or ‘options’ that can influence how your nervous system operates. These processes or options encourage your nervous system to generally function better, therefore changing the limitations developed within your subconscious.

We use the changes of muscle response (Kinesiology) as a way of ‘listening’ to what your subconscious is saying. This ability to use your own muscles as a feedback tool is an observable fact of the nervous system, providing the ability to show how and when changes occur. This feedback allows us to understand which new options will assist you to better achieve your desired outcomes.

Committing yourself to the desire for change is your key to success and you will continue to get results long after the treatments.

“Finally…!” I hear you say, “It’s up to me, it’s what I want” – and yes this works for children and babies too as mentioned in Remote Sessions above! Read on to find out more.

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So what does Neuro-Training do?

Using a mixture of all your body systems (your neurology) and its reaction to stress (even inherited stress patterns) and adding in the universal laws of healing, it assists your patterns of thinking, physical symptoms and emotions, adapting and repairing brain patterns, providing new options for old patterns.

Issues might be:

    • Aggression, anger or shyness
    • Weight management
    • Your own fears, habits, beliefs holding you back?
    • Not achieving? Reading, writing coordination/balance, etc.Read my blog



    • Sleep patterns improve


The importance of working In Context...
One of the major characteristics of Neuro-Training is that it works more effectively when aligned with the person’s own set of values. A ‘group of values’ is known as a ‘context’ and finding your correct context, directly relates to a fixed pattern of actions or responses. This ‘fixed pattern’ of responses can be limiting your ability to achieve your goals or desires.

A relevant context will therefore provide more meaning and effectiveness to any balance. Working within the correct context (for you) and then associating better options to that context (values), permits new options and better outcomes.

So by defusing any conflict you now start getting the results you plan for and expect to achieve.

What stress does to you
Stress creates an enormous amount of problems (not sleeping well, aching muscles, toxicity, slow learning abilities/disrupted concentration) and symptoms (allergies, headaches, poor nutrition, etc) and unfortunately everyone faces relentless stresses that challenge us on a daily basis. We learn to compensate very quickly and this changes our neurology and our physiology which can easily become an ongoing habit. We begin to engage in distress reactions over anything; and the day can become a battle for survival. This stops us from learning, makes it difficult to concentrate, think clearly, remember, or to coordinate simple tasks. It also stops you from getting better from that ongoing stress and impacts you on all levels. (Post-Traumatic Stress is one example of an ongoing defence pattern against trauma). Kinesiology verifies this and the NT processes can change this.

Really need a holiday – but always get sick?
Have you ever wondered why you often get sick when you go on holidays? Well, when you have sufficient energy (like on the first few days of your holiday and you can finally relax), your body realizes it now has enough energy to deal with symptoms quickly and efficiently. So that head cold your body’s been holding off, now has the available energy to deal with it.

However, if your energy has been low for a while (i.e. due to chronic stress) your body cannot deal with symptoms easily and then you get sick for longer periods. Suppressing symptoms may be seen as useful in the short term (tablets to keep things at bay so you can ‘keep going’), but that may be enough to create illnesses we cannot overcome later.

Do you still feel tired most of the time? A sure sign of suppression of one sort or another! Constantly suppressing symptoms are at the root of all our long term problems and an important and necessary part of correcting any chronic energy disturbances through Neuro-Training and Kinesiology.

Let’s also consider our heritage
Have you ever said or thought, “Oh, it’s hereditary (therefore it’s out of my control!!).” All of us have genetically weaker areas in our make-up that we inherit from our ancestors. These areas may appear to be of no impact on our everyday living UNTIL we arrive at a state lacking in energy. We can ‘get away with it’ for a while, but eventually they manifest. Think about this, once identified, those so called ‘inherited weaknesses’ can be effectively balanced, the way your body wants to have it done. You can diffuse those inherited traits that no longer have a useful purpose for you in today’s situations. Check out 'epigenetics' on the web, which totally supports this information.

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Service Information

All consultations are conducted in a professional and non-judgemental manner respecting client’s confidentiality. Three to four treatments are required to obtain a full understanding of your stress reactions and appropriate form of treatment. If you want more treatments they can be spaced further apart.

Initial Consultation (can be up to 1 1/2 hrs) - $150

    • Where we take a medical history, noting any past emotional trauma
    • Then we explore your issues and concerns and the changes you want to make
    • You will remain fully clothed and comfortable lying on a massage table (seated or standing if needed).
    • Neuro-Training is a tactile (touch) therapy
    • Children must be accompanied by a parent or approved guardian


Further Sessions (may be between 1 to 1 1/4 hours) - $100

    • We are complex beings and while one session will begin to make the changes you want and desire, more sessions are beneficial. Things can change in ways you wouldn’t have thought possible before and most people want to keep healthy changes occurring as their life gets better and better.
    • Get better - fast
    • feel great already, but want to feel even better?
    • family patterns you don't want
    • get in contact with yourself again
    • you can choose to make regular appointments for a while or whenever you feel the need.


Session Times

    • Tuesday - Thursday; afternoon or evening (negotiated times)
    • Saturday mornings when available (10-11am start time)


I have been amazed seeing the life changing difference kinesiology with neuro-training can make for someone with anxiety. The process is gentle in that it does not require any recount of personal history, which can be distressing. The results were felt after only one session with the long-term all consuming anxiety which affected every aspect of life, gone. Without the anxiety, and without medication, good sleep and a healthy appetite have returned. Susan expects that this release from the grip of anxiety should be permanent. I would recommend to anyone suffering from anxiety to visit Susan for help. You will know quickly if the treatment is working, and the process is not invasive, please give it a try.
Mother's testimony after son's two sessions
Fear of Flying
I have seen Susan about 4 times with Neuro-Training which has completely transformed my life. I had a huge fear of flying (having panic attacks) and this (therapy) has made that all disappear. I found myself being uptight and anxious in day to day duties but this has all resolved. No anxiety or extra stress. Best thing I ever did! They are both wonderful and caring people too
Family Relations
Having a family member being demanding and rude was really getting me down and it felt like a hopeless situation. After a discussion with Susan she suggested Neuro -Training with Kinesiology . I am pleased to say that after only one session I am coping far better and have much more confidence in handling the situation.

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