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For all of your professional Clinical & Hot Stone Massage services in the greater Bringeli area, you can't go past us here at Bringelli Natural Therapies. Call today to make a booking for yourself or a loved one.

Bringelli Natural Therapies - Clinical & Hot Stone Massage

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North Ballarat, Victoria

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Childbirth Complementary therapies Well-being Complementary Nurturing Essential oils


Clinical Massage is used to provide muscle release and relaxation. It may be used to assist in specific injury, or for general health and relaxation. Primarily, massage is provided using sweet almond oil as a base carrier. Appropriate essential oils are then added to the carrier oil, to provide the best outcome for the client.

Massage treatment may also be combined with other modalities, or as a stand alone therapy. Stretching may also be provided for home treatment.


Hot Stone Massage is a gentle form of massage, which applies hot and cold stones - to the surface of the body - to engender a process of relaxation and healing.

The stones are usually applied in conjunction with almond or coconut oil. Essential oils are also chosen for application, based on the situation and needs of the client.


I have been doing oncology massage since the original oncology massage was developed by Petrea King and Elenor oysten. Oncology massage became my passion after working as Oncology Nurse for more than 10 years and being awarded a scholarship by Nurses board to provide massage on the ward in Private Hospital in Ballarat in 2001. Cancer diagnosis has a major impact on the patient and their family. Using this form of massage can support a person in mind body and soul. Oncology massage uses very gentle lymphatic massage and what we call holds over an area of specific pain or discomfort.

We may assist in calming body, removing area of built up fluid which may be causing pain, settling agitated nerves. This form of massage is ideal during chemotherapy and radiotherapy and can be used for 5 minutes or an hour depending on the needs of the patient. We are rarely using remedial massage and this massage should never cause pain, but exactly the opposite it aims at relieving pain.

I also run a 6 day registered oncology massage course which supports both the mind, body and spirit of both the practitioner and their patient.

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