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Heart Centred Path - Bowen Therapy

Bowen Therapy

The Bowen Technique (Bowtech) was developed in the 1950’s in Geelong, Australia and have since spread across the world.  It is a very gentle, relaxing, non-invasive yet powerful “hands-on” bodywork which can affect the body on many levels, including

  • Soft tissue and muscles – releasing of tension
  • Structural issues for example pelvic imbalances, back- or neck problems
  • Internal organs for example the lungs in asthma, kidneys, liver
  • Complex systems within the body such as the lymphatic and nervous system
  • Chemical and hormone imbalances for example adrenal problems & chronic fatigue
  • Emotional issues & trauma

Bowen can be done through light clothing and can be done anywhere with a person sitting in a chair or relaxing on a bed.  This makes Bowen extremely versatile and unique modality in that it can be safely used for people of all ages from a newborn baby to the elderly, the frail and those with disabilities.  Bowtech restores balance and vitality, often with remarkable results.

The moves are very subtle and gentle, mostly made with just using thumbs and fingers in a slow rolling movement across muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue on specific points of the body.  Bowtech therapists are highly trained, have to study anatomy and do at least 100 hours of practice as part of their training before they can register as a Bowen Therapist with BAA and BTFA.  It is NOT massage or manipulation and does not require force or hard pressure to work.  No oils are used and the client is encouraged to drink plenty of water as Bowen can help with the release of toxins and rehydration of muscles.  Light exercise in the form of walking is often recommended where possible.

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