Heart Centred Path

Isabella Hartmann

Citiplace Community Centre, Perth Underground Station
Wellington Street
Perth WA 6000

Servicing area: On line classes via Zoom available using a computer or phone Australia and World wide. Servicing Perth CBD, Merriwa and Nothern Suburbs..

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On-line Mindfulness and Meditation classes via Zoom available streaming Australia and World-wide promoting more calm, serenity, balance and feelings of well-being. 


Heart Centred Path - Spiritual Growth

Classes for Spiritual Growth

Are you looking for something different... want to change something in your life?

We will provide a safe space of non-judgement where you can discover and explore who you truly are, what you want in your life, a space where you can practice new tools and use the support to take small steady steps to create lasting change in your life, if you choose it. This is a class aimed at mindfulness as well as practical tips and tools, to find a space of calmness and serenity within where you can reach more of your unique potential in a grounded and real way.

Some of the weekly steps that we will take will include

  • Adopting an attitude of gratitude and how that can change our life experience
  • Short meditations to relax, calm the emotions & still the mind, to be more present and grounded, to create space of calmness and serenity for you
  • Tools to become aware of what influence you in your life & how to hold stronger boundaries with others,
  • Ways to heal the inner child, to deal with feelings that may come up in your everyday life
  • Tools to change your inner critic to the inner coach which will support your spiritual & personal growth,
  • Releasing judgement and letting go of the past, fairy tales, old beliefs, limitations and attachment that hold us back,
  • How to deal with gossip and negativity,
  • Self-worth and self-love, how that influences us,
  • Setting goals, living more consciously and aware, reviewing how we are going, staying on track
  • Journal writing and creative expression as a way to healing,
  • Principals to live by to create more harmony in your life,
  • Cycles of growth and learning,
  • Mirror exercise to promote healing within,
  • A recovery strategy when you feel lost and how to regain clarity.
  • Becoming aware of the physical-, emotional-, mental- and soul body, integrate all of self and bring all of you together in wholeness.

This group includes building a community of like-minded / heart centred people that support each other, share their wisdom and experiences so we can all grow together in harmony and unity. We encourage each person to embrace their own uniqueness to reach their full potential. We offer life coaching and mentoring sessions for those that are serious about spiritual and personal growth. You can set the pace of how much you want to learn and grow. It is up to you. Together we can...

Qualification details

Diploma in Life Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation (Global Coaching Academy, Australia) Cert 4 in Bowen Therapy (Bowtech)

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Heart Centred Path