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Brisbane Counselling and Hypnotherapy Clinic

Nicole Rossiter

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Brisbane Counselling and Hypnotherapy Clinic
Hypnotherapy and counselling has a clear role in successfully eliminating anxiety.Through evaluation and discussion, we will help you feel immediately more relaxed, with less symptoms. You will breathe easier, speak and think more clearly. Your mind will progressively feel free from concerns, worries, and current stressful emotions.

Brisbane Counselling and Hypnotherapy Clinic

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Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain help in Brisbane

Do you feel:
  • Do you feel unhappy making no changes to your life?
  • Do you want to change destructive habits?
  • Are you discontent where you are in life right now?
  • Are you tired of feeling like a failure?
  • Are you sick of your toxic relationships?
  • Do you know that you can perform better but choose not to?
  • Are you disappointed that you set yourself up for failure?
  • Is how others perceive you acceptable to you?
  • Do you agonise over how others judge you?

Maybe you experience:
  • Debilitating pain
  • Relationship failure
  • Frightening panic attacks
  • An overwhelming feeling that life is pointless
  • Work related pressures
  • Being alone
  • Performance anxiety

If you experience any of the above problems, then you NEED to keep reading…

With counselling and hypnotherapy you can:
  • Have freedom from negative thoughts
  • Break the cycles
  • Find your power
  • Be in control
  • Achieve mastery in your chosen field
  • Have fulfilling relationships
  • Be happy and feel pleasure

Can you imagine the last time you trusted your instincts and believed in yourself?

Once upon a time, there were no second or third guesses. Once upon a time you were confident, self assured and feeling good. You had your own assurance, you trusted yourself to know what you needed. You long for all the best things in life – love, success, health...

It can be that way again. With our help you can be that person again.

Why is our system so effective?
  • We provide a safe and confidential place that supports you
  • We have a proven system that supports in the office and keeps you going at home
  • It is so easy it 'almost does it for you'

Ok, so what's the catch?

The tools don't work unless you use them! But with our tailor made system, you WILL experience success easily

What makes our methods different from other therapists?
  • We provide a take home pack full of extra resources just for you
  • Together, we have more than 20 years of training, experience and resources to help you make change today
  • We provide practical day-to-day solutions to your problems that you can use yourself
  • Nicole is a specialist in Jungian Psychology for deep insight and gentle healing
  • Christopher is uniquely trained in hypno-psychotherapy for easy effective change
  • A tailored process, helping you decide what approach is best for you
  • The benefits are fast, effective and enduring.
  • We can help release old patterns and strengthen new behaviours.
  • Counselling and hypnotherapy together can increase control, reduce symptoms and help you relax.

The foundation of our approach is simple and meaningful. We believe that every person has great potential and the capacity to make change. Each person is able to find the answers they seek within themselves. In an ever-growing world full of pain, work and family pressures, people still experience being alone and need someone to talk with. If you want to make that positive change in your life NOW, contact us or book online for a FREE no obligation, introductory session .

Products and Services

Skype Sessions

Can't get to the office? We can still help!

Approximately 80% of Hypnotherapy and Counselling work can be done through Skype and other video style interfaces for people who are in remote locations are cannot reach our offices. Whether you are in Brisbane or on the other side of the world, we can assist you from getting away from:
  • Fear of Anxiety and the fear of fear
  • Feeling that life is pointless
  • Not being able to cope with all of the pressures and demands of work life and home

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Other Services Available

Other services include:

Blushing, Anxiety, Stop Smoking, slimming/Lose Weight, Asthma, Stress, Some skin disorders, Eating disorders, Warts, Allergies, Migraine, Shyness, Phobias, Sexual Problems, Grief, Guilt, Stage fright, Public Speaking, Stammer, Depression, Fear of heights, Panic attacks, Obsessions, Compulsive Behaviour, Bed wetting, Hypochondria, Twitching, Tics, Hair Pulling, Vertigo, Some infertility problems, irritable bowel, Teeth Grinding, Apnea and Sleep Disorders, Insomnia, Addictions, Inferiority, Pain Control, Medical and Dental Anaesthesia, Chronic fatigue, Divorce, Lack of Confidence, Nail Biting, tinnitus, Motivation, Exam Nerves, Emotional Problems, Anger management, Sports/Peak Performance

Qualification Details

BA Soc Sci (Psy)
BA Education
Domestic and Family Violence
ADD/ADHD Behaviour Management
Divergent Thinking

Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy
Foundation Clinical Hyp/Psy
Blue Card

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