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Ear Candling induces a state of total relaxation that produces positive healing chemicals in the body, leaving you feeling happy and healthy! 

Brisbane Integrative Health - Ear Candling

Ear candles are natural products. Ear candles are hollow, have no wick and are most commonly made out of cotton, hemp fibres or cotton-flax. Ear candling is seen through history with modern research proving that it works on an emotional, physical and subtle energy level. No earwax or anything that else is ‘sucked up’ out of the ear canal, as the suction effect is quite high. Therapists who carry out this form of treatment report that their clients feel totally calm and relaxed. 

Benefits of Ear Candling include:

  • Regulates blood circulation

  • Hearing difficulties can be improved

  • Relieved ear congestion

  • Reduces stress on the cranial nerves (ear canal)

  • Earaches can be alleviated

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