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Livewell Clinics - Chermside, Cannon Hill, Kenmore

We live in an era where processed foods and synthetic medicine is constantly being marketed to us. But when it comes to taking care of our health, most of us have no idea where to start.

While cutting back on carbs and avoiding fizzy drinks is one way to get rid of toxins in our body, there’s more to a healthy lifestyle than just making minor food changes.

We’ve become dependent on things that are synthetic. From chemically-processed foods to harsh diet pills that can damage our immune system, there are several harmful treatments we’re willing to try.

But the secret to good health lies in making necessary lifestyle changes and switching to organic, natural foods. This is where naturopathy comes in.


4 Reasons Why a Naturopath compliments and balances your GP

In comparison to a GP, in your first consultation our practitioner will:


    1. Spend Time To Find a Clear Diagnosis
      Our practitioners will spend 90 minutes with you in your initial consultation diagnosing your condition, using a wide range of diagnostic tools.


    1. Understand Your Condition
      Our practitioner will explain the results of these tests and what they mean for you


    1. Medicine Specifically Prepared For Your Condition
      Our practitioner will provide Practitioner Approved Supplements or create Customised Herbs or Homeopathic’s for your specific condition to support a speedy recovery


    1. Walk Away with A Plan
      Our practitioner can offer you a plan for your on-going recovery and other customised programs to support your health, diet and lifestyle.


Focusing on the Source of the Issue

There are many different ways that naturopathy can help you restore your health and sense of well-being. Here are some of the issues that our team can correct in the process of restoring optimal health.


    • Food Allergies and Food Intolerances


    • Hormone imbalances


    • Weight Loss


    • Chronic pain issues


    • Fibromyalgia


    • Infertility and Fertility issues


    • Menopause


    • Heart disease


    • Chronic stress and more


Yours in Health and Happiness


Please phone and talk with us on (07) 3861 5881 or click any of these links.

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