Bronwen Kendall | Elemental Physiotherapy

City Cave Float & Wellness Centre
7 Bayswater st
Paddington QLD 4064

Servicing area: Brisbane Metro, Rosalie, Paddington & The Gap QLD

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Holistic and integrative hands-on treatments for the whole of you.

Welcome to Elemental Physiotherapy

I believe that it is possible for you to feel more at home in your body so that you can be more at home in your life.

Experience personalised, holistic treatment that:

  • Problem solves your needs in context of your whole body

  • Is gentle, precise and touches on all layers of your body that affect how you feel

  • Supports you to look after yourself better and to live your life more freely.

I’ve worked with and helped many people to move and feel better in their body.


About Bronwen

Bronwen graduated from Uni of Qld 1992 and have worked with many people helping them to move and feel better in their body.  My first employer’s open-minded thinking encouraged me to learn from leading therapists across different hands-on professions internationally. 

I empathy and understanding are increased by my own personal experiences with recovery from injury.

I values:

  • integrity, open-mindedness, and skill development

  • a non-judgmental approach 

  • a more embodied life for each individual. I

  • the body-mind as an ecosystem within a greater ecosystem, working with a holistic approach.

I will be present to you and hold a safe space for you to be.

Make an appointment and together we can explore what is possible

Qualification details

Bachelor Physiotherapy 1992, University of Queensland | Acupuncture 1999, Australian Physiotherapy Association | Craniosacral Therapy, Upledger Institute (CST1, CST2) | Visceral Manipulation, Barral Institute (VM1-6, VMAT, NM1-4, NVMTA MAUE, MALE, MASP, VVMU, VVML, LT1-2, SCB1, AVMOR, SYMPJP, VMACACG1-2. Qualified to Assist VM1-5, NM1-2, LT1) | Lymphatic Drainage Therapy and Brain Work, Chikly Institute (LDT 1-3, B1-2, BEMC)

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Bronwen Kendall | Elemental Physiotherapy