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Jul 2017

Connecting the Light

Contact Name Letitia Brooks
Phone 0407 836 799
Address Yarraville VIC 3013

Connecting the Light was developed as a vehicle for
Letitia to help those that are ready to bring about peace, healing and love into their lives.

About Connecting the Light

Welcome to Connecting the Light

I am a trained and certified Reiki Master/Teacher, Oracle Card Reader, Seichim Sekhem Reiki (SSR).

Master/Teacher, Seichim Master/Teacher (Isis & 7 facet Seichim), Liquid Crystal Advanced Therapist, Pellowah Master/Teacher and Magnified Healing Therapist who is extremely passionate about giving people the energy and the light they require to bring about self-love and healing. I provide sessions and workshops in all of the above modalities as well as regular meditations & children’s workshops

Letitia is an intuitive guide and healer, my session come from the heart and each are unique to individual tapping into the healing and the energy they require at the time. My primary purpose is to help guide others to see their true uniqueness and work, providing them with the ability to heal, as others have guided and helped me.

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