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Buderim Natural Health and Massage

Jennifer Williamson

Toral Drv
Buderim QLD 4556

Servicing area: Buderim and the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Buderim Natural Health and Massage

Jennifer Williamson is Sunshine Coast's specialist Pregnancy Massage therapist with over 23 years Massage & 20 years Pregnancy Massage experience.

Massage Services

Massage available

  • Remedial massage
  • Relaxation/Swedish (therapeutic) massage
  • Pregnancy massage
  • Post-Natal massage
  • Aromatherapy
  • Reflexology
  • Lymphatic Drainage techniques
  • Baby Massage (Infant Massage)

Baby Massage

Baby massage available for mums and/or dads, Playgroup, groups (eg. group of mums). Includes tuition in baby massage, oils and instruction notes. Classes are held regularly. Best for newborns to 1 year old. Notes are provided so you can practice at home. Class lasts for about 1 hour. Enquiries welcome. Vouchers available.

Pregnancy & Post-natal Massage

Jennifer specialises in Pregnancy and Post-natal massage. Pregnant clients enjoy the very comfortable and safe Belly Bag (a big bean bag with a hole that supports the tummy, this allows a pregnant woman to lay face down and fully relax). Laying sideways is not necessary. See photos above. Jennifer has given thousands of remedial, relaxation, pregnancy and post-natal massages.

Induction of labour and position turning of a breech, posterior or transverse baby is attempted in a specialised 1.5 hours massage. Appropriate reflex points are used to effectively and safely induce or turn a baby. Induction at or after 38 weeks gestation.

Home visits on the Sunshine Coast offered. (Please ask regarding availability and fee, based on location).

Massage includes the use and benefits of aromatherapy oils. Plain oils can be used if desired. Where attention is given to each client and extra time is allowed for getting on and off the massage table without being rushed out the door.

Rates & Fees


  • 30-mins $50
  • 45-mins $70
  • 1-hour massage $90
  • 1.5-hour massage $110

Baby Massage

  • Mum and/or Dad $75
  • Groups of up to 8 babies $45 per person, minimum 3 babies (adults)

Induction or Position Turn (breech, transverse, posterior)

  • 1.5 hours $125

Remedial, Pregnancy, Post-Natal, Swedish (Relaxation)


"Attention to detail.... one full hour and a half massage, clean towels, a lovely, ambient room with oils burning, aromatherapy oils for the massage, and a good knowledge of her subject. I highly recommend her." Lorraine, Buderim.

"Before I started seeing Jen I suffered from severe migraines. I began getting massages on a regular basis when I was just 17 weeks pregnant. Within weeks I noticed a massive drop in my migraines. I continued seeing Jen until the day before I had my baby. I'm not sure if it was thanks to Jen's magic hands or just luck, I only had one contraction in labour and pushed 3 times and my beautiful baby was here. I have continued seeing Jen after my pregnancy and I am feeling great. My migraines are still limited. Thank you Jen for making a big difference in my life. I would recommend Jen's pregnancy massage to everybody." Lisa Morrow, Little Mountain

"I've been having regular massages with Jen for nearly 12 months now. She is a wonderful massage therapist and she takes the time to go through your medical history and will tailor her technique to give you the massage that suits you best. Jen is easy to talk to and she genuinely cares about others. I'm always looking forward to my next appointment!" Michelle, Buderim

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