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Ellen Mucha

Building Health Naturopathy

108 Lyons St South Ballarat VIC 3350

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Nutrition is the foundation of good health.

Building Health Nutrition

Focus areas

Lifestyle Sleep issues Anxiety Well-being Stress management Bloating

We assess your lifestyle, habits and diet that contribute to your health complaint and offer recommendations where improvements could be made.

Sometimes change in diet is not enough to assist with a particular health issue or a nutrient deficiency may be too severe and then nutritional supplements can be prescribed. Other therapies that may be utilised in your treatment protocol include homeopathic remedies or flower essences.

Another important component of mind-body medicine are Flower Essences. Their subtle therapeutic vibrational activity works with our body’s energetic fields, rather than physiological function, and they are used to address imbalances in emotional wellbeing.

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