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Servicing area: BUNBURY, Western Australia

At the Bunbury Natural Health Centre we use Iridology, detailed history and blood typing at the first appointment to help assess each person.

Bunbury Natural Health Centre - Iridology & Testing

A variety of other investigations can be undertaken to assist in our diagnostic processes, with these including:


Iridology is the study of the iris (the coloured portion of the eye). The study of the various colours and patterns in the clients iris can help determine potential health problems. It is also able to inform the practitioner about the underlying strengths and weaknesses a person carries in their system. By knowing this information a positive and effective treatment plan can be implemented.

Iridology is a safe, non-invasive technique that allows the practitioner to assess a clients past, present and future health by observing the various patterns shown in the iris.

Although there are various groupings of eye patterns, no two iris' are the same. This is because each person experiences life and health in a different way. The trained Iridologist can determine how these patterns affect and influence a person's health. Iridology does not reveal specific diseases as many diseases can display similar characteristics and changes in the body.

Rather, Iridology is a preventative practice that helps people understand their basic health issues and help to inform the practitioner about the steps that can be taken to help their client to improved health.


1. Blood Testing: If required a client may be asked to have further blood tests to support a diagnosis. This can be done by visiting their GP or via an independent laboratory. If using an independant laboratory for any testing, the cost is additional to the normal consulting process and incurs an 'at cost price' from the outside provider.

2. Saliva Testing: Saliva testing can be done to determine hormone levels for men, women and children. Accessing information about reproductive hormones (male and female) can be beneficial in helping develop a specific individual and accurate protocol. Saliva testing can also help determine the level of risk and inflammation in the reproductive area.

Other areas of use for saliva testing are with Adrenal hormones to assess Stress (particularly good and non invasive for children), Exhaustion, Chronic Fatigue, Thyroid balance, Insulin Resistance (a pre-diabetic state) and well as Insomnia and Hyperactivity. Plus our clients have the option of accessing further testing, via their GP or via an independent outside Laboratory.

3. Detailed History: Aside from medical tests the most valuable part of a health appraisal still comes from a detailed medical questionnaire and personal history. This is still a very accurate way of helping to determine the basis of a client's health issues.

This detailed history takes into account:

  • Current symptoms
  • Family history
  • Personal medical and family history
  • Prescription medication and other natural supplementation's the client may already be taking, (and looking at any interactions that could contribute to their current health)
  • Their current diet and lifestyle
  • Their sleep patterns
  • Stress levels
  • Social situations and work (and exposure to toxic materials etc).

These and other questions are considered in the clients overall health assessment.

Other in house assessments may also include tongue and nail diagnosis.

4. Gene Profiling: A Personalised Approach - Gene Profiling offers a very dynamic and personalised approach to your health care. This approach helps determine risk factors that may have contributed to a person’s current health issue as well as detailing how to improve your health and bypass your genetic inheritance, if needed.

Your genes are not a sentence. Certain genes can be switched on and off by what we eat, our lifestyle, sleep patterns and how our body copes with stress. By working with your gene profile we can help improve the body's ability to work well (helping genes switch on or off). Ultimately this means we can personalise a programme for vibrant healthy living and aging.

5. Hair Analysis: By doing a hair analysis we are able to create a picture of what might be happening at the cellular level of the body. Often nutrients (for example: magnesium and calcium), which can be tested for (and may be sufficient) in the blood, may for some reason not reach the cells they are targeting.

This leaves the cells deficient in key nutrients and therefore the person in a state of deficiency and often poor health. Symptoms such as cramps, restless legs, white spots or ridges on the fingernails are all signs that some of the common minerals we find in our blood are not reaching the cells to perform their normal function.

By conducting a hair analysis we can check for all these vital nutrients along with heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminium, Cadmium (found in cigarettes) Titanium etc.

Knowing this information again helps build a comprehensive profile of each person and therefore a very detailed therapeutic programme can be formulated for each person. Once all this information is gathered and the Iridology photo is taken a comprehensive treatment programme can be implemented for the client.

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Qualification Details

  • Advance Diploma Naturopathy
  • Previously trained as Registered Nurse and Midwife

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