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Burn Lab is the brain child of Personal Trainer to the Stars, Donna Aston. Donna's primary focus with Burn Lab is to provide clients with a Personal Fitness Training environment with a difference. Locally set in the fashionable suburb of South Yarra in Melbourne, this casually edgy warehouse setting contains the latest training equipment, expert trainers and a café to relax in after your workout.

Why us?

There is so much conflicting information available. Even the ‘experts’ can’t agree with one another. Even if you spend countless hours on trial and error, it’s still difficult for anyone to know what really works and what doesn’t. We’re all time-poor, so the time you need to ensure that the time you commit to getting into shape (and staying there) is time well spent.

Burning fat and keeping it off may not be rocket science—though it is science that underpins the essential steps you need to take to transform your body and change your habits—but there’s certainly an art to making the most of your efforts.

At BURN LAB you will gain absolute clarity on the changes required to get real results, from what exercise you need to do, and how much; to what you should eat, and when. You may be surprised at how easy getting into shape can be once you know how!


Burn Lab offers a full range of services including:

  • Training

  • Body Composition

  • Personalised Nutrition Coaching

  • Mindset Coaching

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