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Byron Bayurveda

Julie Caracatsanoudis

Byron Bay NSW 2481

Servicing area: Byron Bay, Ocean Shores, Mullumbimby, Brisbane, South Golden Beach, Bangalow. Australiawide (online)

Byron Bayurveda

I am a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner with a professional background in science, microbiology and teaching.

Im also a mother and a grandmother.

My practice is servicing the Byron Shire area & by phone/online.

I'm passionate about helping facilitate gentle natural healing and prevention with all my clients and i have found myself specialising in Ayurvedic Counselling as a alternative to psychology & I also specialise in Ayurvedic nutritional principles in a modern world.

I offer 1:1 sessions, health consultations and group courses at my recently opened new practice in the heart of Byron Bay at and @byronbay_fooddoctor



Byron Bayurveda

Julie is a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner trained by Ayurveda College in Byron Bay with over 600hrs of clinical experience on top of many private clients who she has guided with Ayurvedic Counselling, seasonal cleansing practices, in depth health consultations & medicine, Ayurvedic nutritional plans and cooking classes which are simple and relatable. She understands the rule that food is medicine.

With a background in science & teaching Julie is passionate about cooking and the education of Ayurveda in Australia with an emphasis on the quality of the knowledge and products available.


Ayurvedic Counselling as an alternative to psychology - a unique session where I listen to your life experiences in a warm, non-judgemental, compassionate way and develop a plan to support you.


Ayurvedic Nutrition & lifestyle plans for health concerns, weight loss & womens health.

Whats involved?

  • comprehensive Q & A session on your current health, diet & lifestyle to determine a unique plan for YOU.
  • eye, tongue, nail & ayurvedic pulse diagnosis
  • determine your constitution and current imbalances
  • herbal or medicinal recommendations

How can you benefit from a nutrition & lifestyle consultation?

  • better digestion & elimination
  • weight loss
  • improved sleep and mood
  • reduced imflammation
  • increase in Energy
  • alleviate addiction issues.
  • ENJOY energetic properties of certain foods & practices!

CLEANSING PROGRAMS $500 for 3 week programme 

  • Professional 1 on 1 seasonal detox program for Spring & Autumn
  • sat karma cleanses for all year program.

Spring cleanse to assist:

  • weight loss, lymphatic, blood & skin issues.

Autumn cleanse to assist:

  • digestion, inflammation & liver issues. 

COOKING (vegetarian)

1:1 and small group cooking classes - $100 2 hours

Learn how to cook the basics and relate this to everyday cooking.


  • digestion & elimination
  • weight control & distribution
  • sustaining balanced vegetarian meals
  • energy & emotional stability



Qualification Details

Bachelor of Science (QUT) Post Grad. Education (Monash) Trainer & Assessor Advanced Diploma Ayurveda (Ayurveda College)

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Byron Bayurveda