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Bryant Hopley

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Byron Bay NSW 2481

Servicing area: Byron Bay area and Gold Coast


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Naturopathy has developed into a highly-sophisticated system of medicine. It is complementary to mainstream medicine and is concerned mainly with repairing and restorative work utilising the natural formulations from the Herbal, Homeopathic and Clinical Nutrient dispensaries.

Byron Naturopathics

Through careful observation of symptoms, history, medical tests and other diagnoses (iris, tongue, nails, etc.) a picture can be constructed of the underlying causes and drivers of any particular illness or disease.
Consultation will include:

  • Iris diagnosis

  • Biographical history of health

  • External facial/body signs and systems

  • Medical tests and complementary analyses (eg., Zinc, Iron, pH, heavy metals, Ketons, etc.)

  • Emotional context

  • Full report, assessment and recommended treatment

Most health issues like Chronic Fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel, eczema/psoriasis, autoimmune problems, respiratory conditions, stress effects, etc., are driven by underlying processes including inflammation, oxidative stress, immune dysregulation, hormonal imbalances, gut dysbiosis, toxicity, neuroendocrine disturbance and so on.

It is important that we help the client understand which of these factors drive their particular problem and which lifestyle factors have contributed (diet, fitness, environment, stress, etc.)
Through consultation, a clear picture will emerge and specific, professional grade formulations can be prescribed to address the underlying causes.

Qualification details

M.A., Dip. Sc., Dip. Herb., Dip. Hom., Dip. Ed., Dip. H.Ed., ATMS.

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