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Unit 2 67-71 Bayldon Rd
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Servicing area: Hopetoun Circuit, Deakin, Canberra, ACT
Canberra Medical Ecology Centre
Bring your body back to its best health, when you organise your next professional Corrective Exercise session at Canberra Medical Ecology Centre. Osteopathy, Acupressure & Yoga techniques used.

Canberra Medical Ecology Centre - Corrective Exercises

Are you looking for an effective way to strengthen
and tone your body?
Want to reduce physical aches & pains the natural way?
Ready to live a more active and flexible life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a professional Corrective Exercise consultation at Canberra Medical Ecology Centre is perfect for you. Regardless of your age or what physical issues you're dealing with, our practitioners can use their skills to help you get back to your physical best. Used to improve sporting performance and reduce the risk of sporting injuries, why wouldn't you give us a call on the number below, organise your next appointment and discover the benefits for yourself.

Call us on 02 6282 6800 to organise your next Corrective Exercise appointment.

Why Should You Come & See Us?

Our skilled practitioners will tailor an exercise plan that will address your physical needs and exercise requirements. Using a combination of stretching, strengthening and toning exercises, our practitioners can help you get your body back to its best. Working together with mobility teachers, personal trainers and yoga instructors, our practitioners can use their skills to help you get moving again.

Sessions are suitable for individuals of all ages to benefit from, with both Men & Women able to benefit from organising a session with one of our practitioners. Just click here to find out more or give us a call on the number above.

For more information about any of the professional Corrective Exercises that we provide or to book in your next appointment with one of our practitioners, just give us a call or send us a message instantly by clicking on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below.

Qualification Details

Both of our practitioners are fully qualified, accredited & registered

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