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Issue: Anxiety of Conscience

Stewart Ward, Public Servant
I first visited Diane on advice from a friend following the breakdown of my marriage. I was a bit of a nervous wreck to say the least and walked into the consultation in a high state of anxiety. 1hr later I left, walking tall and feeling completely at peace with myself and the difficult decisions I had made. It was immediately effective. I was hooked. Over the following 24 months I have regularly visited Diane for various reasons, whether it was to provide maintenance for my fragile emotional state as I went through the divorce or to assist me in the mental preparation needed for 24hr Mountain Bike Racing I have always found Kinesiology to be very helpful and effective. I appreciate my body telling Diane what is wrong so that I don’t necessarily have to understand it myself. Diane as a practitioner is both scientifically minded and incredibly intuitive during the consultation. Her down to earth approach has deep spiritual roots which both relax and inspire confidence within the client. In my experience she has been able to foster a symbiotic relationship whereby we are able to arrive at very positive outcomes for my health and well-being. During my time as her client I have been divorced, re-partnered, changed career and qualified for the World 24hr Solo MTB Championships and I have no doubt that Diane has played an integral role in my ability to achieve success while maintaining a healthy and balanced sense of self. I am able to transcend issues and obstacles to my happiness that I encounter within myself through the symbiotic relationship between the practitioner and myself I would recommend Diane as a practitioner and Kinesiology to anyone and have done so on many occasions.

Issue: Stress, Not Coping

Donna Stepan, Test Manager
I had never heard of Kinesiology until a friend mentioned it to me. I’ve learnt that sometimes in life, as much as one would like to have everything working in order and being able to cope with all the various aspects, this doesn’t always happen and dealing with stress can be a difficult path at times. Kinesiology, after doing some research, was the path I chose to pursue to get myself ‘back on track’ when life gets too busy and I don’t cope as well as I should or could. Diane was recommended to me as the ‘best’ Kinesiologists to go to in Canberra. So, I took the advice given and made an appointment. To be honest, I was a bit dubious at first with regards to what the results would be and how a person, through various techniques could help me cope better (as I should really be able to cope myself, not so?). Upon meeting Diane, I found her approach to be warm, responsive, quiet and attentive. She listens to what one has to say, makes you feel very comfortable and nothing you say is ‘silly’ or ‘not relevant’. I find it very easy to talk to Diane about what the issues are that I am not coping with. Diane’s work environment is also wonderfully quiet and relaxing, just what you need when trying to relax. My overall experience has been fantastic and it is something that I go to as a treat for myself, whether I need a balance or not. Kinesiology is certainly the avenue I have chosen to use to assist myself in mind and body balance when my body requires the assistance. My Kinesiology sessions with Diane have without a doubt improved my life. Diane not only balances one’s body and mind but in doing that, clears the path for an individuals way of thinking to improve. I find that after I have been to see Diane, sometimes once a month, sometimes once every two months, depending on what my body requires, I am calmer in myself, I deal with situations in a much better manner, I think before I leap, I feel at peace with myself in decisions which I make, both on a work and personal level, I do not have the same level of stress when dealing with situations and I am generally more comfortable/peaceful with myself and in what I do. It also helps me focus on the positive of any situation which is sometimes clouded by one’s stress levels. As long as Diane is practicing Kinesiology, I will continue to support and use her services. Through Diane, Kinesiology has become an important aspect of my life and is my way of not only treating and looking after myself but also those around me as if I’m happy, so is my family, my work environment thrives, I love life and am able to deal with anything life throws at me:). I have recommended Diane’s Kinesiology services to many friends or even people who I have met, who I can see are not coping or who need some direction/balancing.

Issue: Stress after Relationship breakup

Anne, Business Manager
Diane I just wanted to tell you that over the last day or two I have noticed a profound shift in my outlook. I am not sure what this is or whether it is just that I feel more empowered by taking action towards my well being, but I am feeling on top of the world and more self-assured and determined. Thank you, Anne


Issue: Asthma and Chronic Motion/Travel Sickness

Ben, Offshore Worker Industry Worker
I used to get bad sea sickness. I even got sick snorkelling once and lost my lunch. I also got car sick all the time, from a young age. After one session (of Kinesiology) I don’t get any motion sickness at all, no more sea sick, what a relief. Asthma has been a real problem too, but not anymore. I started to get it at about 20 years old, been in hospital, had some close calls. Diane found the cause and moved it on, no more asthma. The Kinesiology session was a very interesting process and very relaxing and pleasant. Diane is a fantastic practitioner, professional, nice, knowledgeable, caring and trustworthy. I would recommend her to anyone.


Issue: Motion Sickness

Carole – Public Servant
Hello Diane – it worked! I did not get motion sickness at all on my trip overseas. I could not believe how well I travelled and the group I travelled with were ‘gob smacked’. They know how sick I get when travelling and could not believe my magical cure. I travelled on planes, fast and slow trains in UK and Europe, back seat passenger in cars, speed boats and ferries in rough seas from Athens to Santorini and not once did I get sick. I have recommended a few ladies from work who also suffer from motion sickness. Thanks again Carole


Issue: Depression

Karen, Childcare Worker
Without Diane’s help I’m not sure I would be feeling as well. Her kind, gentle nature is reassuring and she is always willing to listen and help. I had never tried Kinesiology before and a friend recommended I try it to help with Depression. Diane made me feel comfortable and at ease as soon as I met her and I was amazed at the information she could tap into and after each session I always left feeling uplifted. I believe Kinesiology has improved my life and my self esteem and I have been able to release some deep issues going back to childhood, some I didn’t know I was holding onto.

Issue: Low Satisfaction and Contentment

Amanda, Consultant
My goal was to find greater satisfaction in my life and my work, to reduce the burden of worries, to find greater contentment and peace, and to be happier with who I am, and more confident sense of self. Over the two years of seeing Diane on and off I found greater contentment and energy. After each session I felt more relaxed and energetic. Over time I believe that the regular sessions, with actions between sessions, helped me to achieve my goals. I had heard about kinesiology over the years, and it was always a ‘strange’ thing to me, I did not understand how t works, and what it achieved. Yet I was always curious and drawn towards it. A friend in another city mentioned that she’d had a few kinesiology sessions and how helpful they were. This inspired me to explore kinesiology for myself. I had seen Diane’s flyer at the Vitality Health Centre, a centre with a good reputation for health and wellbeing services. The sessions with Diane helped to reflect on my needs at the time even though the overall goal concerned increased contentment and satisfaction. I found I was better able to connect with my strengths, intuition, the actions to help achieve the goals identified in each session and to be more of myself. I particularly enjoyed meeting with Diane with no problems in mind, but simply wanting to take what’s working well and move further with this. Diane easily accommodated this and helped to continue my quest to further enhance my potential and greater wellbeing. It was refreshing to be able to work in this zone, to strengthen what was working well. Diane’s style is very welcoming, accepting and gentle. I felt happy and comfortable in my sessions with her, and easily able to discuss any issue. Diane clearly showed her dedication and commitment to her work.

General Health and Wellbeing

Issue: General Health and Wellbeing

I sought Kinesiology because it offered a more holistic healing approach to maintaining complete health. This was my first experience with a qualified Kinesiologist and I was very impressed with the gentleness but effectiveness of the technique. It has assisted in healing my body and supporting my body to adapt better to illnesses. Kinesiology has enabled me to gain more energy, heal quicker from viruses, reduce stress levels and anxiety and gain more contentment and peace of mind. Diane is very professional and proficient in her techniques and was able to quickly identify areas in the body that required healing and was able to heal them. I absolutely recommend Kinesiology to others.


Issue: Grief, IVF and General Health

Samantha, Administration
I sought Kinesiology to assist with the grief of my father’s sudden and unexpected passing and also to deal with the ongoing anguish/stress/emotional roller-coaster of the IVF process and general health matters. I have had a number of kinesiology sessions over the last couple of years and I noticed a huge change in myself. I am finding myself to be more in control and accepting of how things are progressing in my life. Kinesiology assists me with any upcoming hurdles without feeling stressed out and out of control. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into when I went for my first Kinesiology session, I found myself Googling to see if I could find out exactly what it was before attending my first session. After reading material about it, I still didn’t fully understand it until I had my first session. WOW, is all that I could say after my first session. I now find myself attending these sessions to assist me in getting me through my life hurdles. More importantly it has assisted me with the IVF process and made me more accepting of this life journey of mine. I believe that I’ve become a better person from attending these sessions. My family has even noticed the changes that I’ve made and how I am more in peace and accepting of this life process. Diane is a gentle and caring person and I also feel very comfortable to speak to her about anything. I also really enjoy how I leave the session feeling at peace and relaxed. I have recommend Kinesiology to friends and they too are also enjoying the benefits. Note from Diane: Samantha has since had a beautiful baby boy and undertaken IVF for a second time and had beautiful baby girl.


Issue: Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Kelly for her 15yo Son
My son, J, started to show signs of anxiety at the age of 12. After being seen by our GP and a paediatrician we were referred to a psychologist and J was diagnosed with OCD. He didn’t respond well to any part of this process and, after only a few appointments, he refused to attend any more sessions. The following three years saw different obsessions come and go and we dealt with them as calmly and as understanding as we could; and at times I must admit not very well. Tension at home was extremely high and not a healthy environment for any of us.

We had investigated and suggested many types of alternative help to J but I believe he refused to knowledge that he had OCD and therefore was not open to any suggestions. Early in 2010, after trying to proof read an assignment he had written J had a major break down and begged me to help him. We discussed the different types of alternative help I had researched and J chose to give Kinesiology a “try” and that “he would see it through this time”.

We both find Diane to be very friendly and easy to talk to, she is always encouraging and let’s J explain what’s been going on and how he is feeling without him feeling as though she is “pushing” for information.

Following the first appointment with Diane I expected to hear the “that was a waste of time” comment I had heard after the psychologist appointments but J immediately said “I want to keep going” and then following the second appointment J admitted that the exercises and affirmations he is given make him feel more relaxed and able to deal with his reactions to situations.

Neither of us are quite sure what it is that Diane does but we know that J is happier and more confident now then he has been in three years and even though he is not “cured” he can control his obsessions and even recognise their onset and avoid them. He is more relaxed and in control of obsessions – sleeping, eating and enjoying everything more.

J would like to thank Diane for helping him feel better; I would like to thank Diane for helping him to just be happy again.


Issue: Chronic Sinusitis and Whiplash

Joanne, Government Worker
With the Sinus – I no longer need sinus medication (from the week after treatment till now – months later); and with whiplash – I had immediate pain relief from 7/10 to 2/10 which physio/massage/and acupuncture couldn’t do.

I am pragmatic so results matter for me and each session I have had I have seen identifiable results. Also with Diane you don’t have the ongoing need/suggestion for weekly treatments that most practitioners seem to encourage. You always walk away feeling physically and emotionally balanced.

I cannot explain how or why it works – as a thinker/analyst that frustrated me initially until the next day when I noticed results. After that I have merely accepted that it targets muscle memory and explain it to others as when you experience emotions you tense up and your body remembers. Hence by alleviating this learned behaviour you can unravel a lot of problems.

I found Diane to be lovely, reassuring, non judgemental, very competent and I recommend Diane and Kinesiology to anyone.


Issue: Insomnia for 60 years

Tamaris Parke, Retired
Gail Medbury at the Vitality Health Centre had been treating me for sometime for various ailments. One day I started talking to her about insomnia which is something that has plagued me for most of my life and she suggested that I should make an appointment to see Diane Poole the Kinesiologist also working at the Vitality Health Centre.

This was a new venture for me – I had never heard of a kinesiologist but I was more than happy to give it a go and I’m glad that I did. I have now spent a number of hours with Diane while she works her magic on me.

The first hour was memorable. I came away feeling very refreshed and there was a definite feeling that there was a ‘new me’ and a new purpose about myself. I have since enjoyed every session that I have had with her. I puzzle endlessly over how could she possibly pin-point things that have happened in my life giving me a date and a time decades ago for which I had long forgotten. I’m still puzzling!

I feel as though I have gained strength and been empowered over many things with Diane’s help, including sleeping peacefully. It doesn’t always happen in a flash and may even take some time before I notice the change.

Thank you Diane. I would certainly recommend Kinesiology to others.

Issue: Not waking easily in the morning/ Body Weight

Mohammad Ahmad – IT Consultant
Diane was recommended to me to help me deal with problems attaining a suitable weight for my body and waking up in the morning. Overall my experience with Diane’s Kinesiology has exceeded my expectations and so far I am experiencing the results I have anticipated after one session. I have overcome certain fears and inhibitions and learned how to increase my sense of well being and inner peace.

Prior to my consultation with Diane I had no idea what kinesiology was and had no idea how effective it was. It is an unusual experience and if you haven’t had a session, it is worth trying it out at least once in your life.

Although Diane indicated I won’t need any further sessions I am now curious to try kinesiology for other things, especially that now I wake up in the morning without the alarm feeling fully alert – I have never done this before :). I follow the meditation she advised me which puts me in such a blissful state, and I am in that state most of the day. I am also excited about reaching a weight that is good for me, I feel comfortable that I will reach it.

Regards – Mohammad


Issue: Purpose / Motivation

Bill – Retired
I have been working on ‘self help’ for a number of years but recently I struck a blockage. I needed a prod (or kick) in the right direction.

An acquaintance had gotten good results with Kinesiology so I decided to give it a go. I arranged a session with Diane, later finding out that three other friends had also used her services.

Rather than approaching the obvious problem, we took an overall look at what was needed to be done with me at this time; Diane locating, defining and guiding a series of exercises needed to get me back on-the-ball and controlling more of my life.

Things got better and, after a second session, I can say “I have got my act together”. For years I have been saying “When I get my act together yadda yadda yadda….” It actually happened.

Thanks Diane

Thyroid Imbalance

Issue: Thyroid and Autoimmune

Marie– Producer Los Angeles using SKYPE
My health had been suffering for over two years with thyroid imbalances and autoimmune problems that were causing major food intolerances – something I’d never had to deal with before. Massive changes in diet along with numerous homeopathic remedies and nutritional supplements were still only giving minimal relief and I was desperate to be healthy and ‘normal’ again.

I first heard about Diane and her brilliant work with Kinesiology from my sister who lives in Australia.

She had gone to Diane about her eldest daughter who was suffering from tremendous unexplained anxiety. After speaking with my sister and also my niece, whose anxiety issue was resolved after only one session, I was convinced I needed to see her, but as I lived in the U.S and only went home once or twice a year, I couldn’t see how it was possible.

After speaking with Diane, my sister told me that she’d said she might be able to work with me remotely over Skype. I contacted Diane and set up an appointment.

In our first session I was amazed at how incredibly intuitive and down to earth Diane was. She immediately pinpointed what was going on in my body and gave me corrections as well as advice on homeopathic and nutritional supplements to support my system. I finished the Skype session feeling uplifted, calm and hopeful for the first time in years.

I’ve continued to work with Diane over Skype on optimising my immune system and fertility as well as a number of emotional issues and am astounded at the results. I no longer have any food intolerances and I’m feeling better than I’ve felt in years. I’ve been able to let go of old negative patterns and habits that were seriously impacting my life and now I finally feel in control of my health and my life.

Diane has also helped both of my sisters and their children and my mother as well. All of them have experienced dramatic improvements in physical and emotional health and are extremely happy with the results.

Diane is a wonderfully kind, supportive and understanding person with an astounding knowledge of the mind and body and I’d recommend her to anyone – whether they believe in Kinesiology or not. My husband was very skeptical of this work but after seeing the results is now a major advocate of Diane and her work and he’s recommending her to his friends and family too.

I’m incredibly grateful to Diane for her help and will continue to work with her as necessary.

Thyroid Imbalance

Lyn B, Administration
Am feeling SO much better since our session – can’t quite believe how much quieter my system is – heart is running fast but is not pounding – the extra energy has gone from that area but I am feeling more energised because of it! Feeling relaxed and healthy (and sleeping better) for the first time in months! Thank you so much – can’t wait for our next session!

Using Skype/Facetime for Consultations

Kitty – Queensland

From Kitty:
Skype is an amazing form of communication. I understand physical one-on-one is the perfect combination when having a kinesiology balance, but for me understanding the process has been very beneficial, in saying that, Diane always explains the process and speaks out loud which I love, as some kinesiologists don’t then it’s difficult to know what is going on. Diane is excellent . Her muscle testing is always spot on and she will always explain things.

After I had one-on-one physical sessions I always had a feeling of relief contentment and peace, I still have the same feelings with Skype, knowing the process is the key but if a physical one-on-one is impossible, Skype is the next best thing.

I feel very honoured and very grateful for our sessions, as I know how I am feeling. I couldn’t have got this far without Diane, as these balances have allowed me to let my body understand how it can heal itself, how my belief system was sabotaging me, and now how much peace I feel.

I wish her well much love….Kitty

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