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Canberra Wellness Centre

Michelle Kirby

2/25 Manuka Crcle
Forrest ACT 2600

Servicing area: Forrest and Inner South

Canberra Wellness Centre


Using the information from your FREE Wellness Assessment we'll create simple, easy to implement evidence based strategies to improve your energy - that you'll be able to start using straight away.

Included at the initial appointment is your FREE Wellness Assessment (valued at $127)

Canberra Wellness Centre - Anxiety & Stress Management

Are you sick of feeling EXHAUSTED ANXIOUS AND FLAT?
Wondering if youll ever feel ALERT, RELAXED and CLEAR HEADED again?


Could you be suffering from "RUSHING WOMAN SYNDROME"?!

Our unique Naturopathic, Nutritional, Biomedical and Homeopathic treatments can improve your energy, stabilise mood and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Knowing what to eat makes a huge difference to reducing stress and anxiety. Are you getting enough magnesium? B Vitamins? Are you digesting and absorbing the nutrients efficiently? We will find all this out at your first appointment.

Our specialist testing can include Blood Analysis, Antioxidant & Free Radical Testing, Body Health Test, Food Sensitivity Testing, Wellness Assessment, RBTI, Gut Bacterial Overgrowth Test, Zinc, and Functional Pathology to name just some of what we offer. This enables us to determine WHY you feel the way you do and how to bring you back to health.

Utilising specialised tests in our Programs:
1. Save you time and money as you will only be prescribed supplements if you truly need them.
2. Teach you more about your health than you ever thought possible.
3. Provide solutions to your health concerns and allow you to move forward with your health and your life.

Phone the Centre reception on 02 62953828 to discuss how you can benefit from one of our programs or consultations and to book your first appointment.

Qualification Details

Adv Dip Nat, Dip H.M. Rem M., ACNEM Primary Training, MINDD training, Post Graduate Natural Fertility Management, Grad.Dip Adult Ed and Training, Member ATMS, Health Funds. In Clinical Practice over 25 years


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