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Our unique Naturopathic, Nutritional, Functional Medical treatments can improve your energy, stabilise mood and enhance your sense of wellbeing.

Our specialist testing can include:

  • SIBO breath testing for IBS
  • GI Map comprehensive gut microbiome test
  • RBTI Urine & Saliva Testing
  • Body Health Test
  • Antioxidant & Free Radical Blood Test
  • Omega 3 Index Test
  • Food Sensitivity Testing
  • Wellness Assessment
  • Zinc, Iodine
  • Comprehensive Thyroid Analysis and Functional Pathology to name just some of what we offer.

This enables us to determine WHY you feel the way you do and how to bring you back to health.

Included at the initial appointment is your FREE Wellness Assessment (valued at $127)


Canberra Wellness Centre - Programs & Testing


Utilising specialised tests in our Programs:

  • Save you time and money as you will only be prescribed supplements if you truly need them.
  • Reveal more about your health than you ever thought possible.
  • Provide solutions to your health concerns to enable you to move forward with your health and your life.

Phone the Centre reception on 02 62953828 for more information.

Seeing Michelle was the wake up call I needed and now I know that I have a healthy and happy future ahead of me. I've recommended her to all my friends, family and work colleagues as I think everyone should feel as good as I do

We offer 3 program options to get you back to optimal health

The FUNDAMENTALS: includes 4 appointments and testing over 8 weeks. It will improve your energy, skin and mood, clear headaches, bloating and digestive problems. Find out more >>

The COMPREHENSIVE is our Detox Energy Restoration Program and includes 7 appointments with extra tests over 16 weeks. We recommend this for those of you with more complex health issues.

The PREMIUM includes 10 appointments with extra testing over 6 months for those whose health requires a longer term strategy.


1. Finger Prick Food Sensitivity Testing. This IgG blood test looks for immune antibodies to particular food. It measures the degree of reaction from mild, medium to severe. After avoidance of the offending foods it can be retested in 6 months to see improvements. It is not recommended for young children.

This is not allergy testing. That is done at your doctor.

2. Our in-house Biomeridian Testing. This is non-invasive and suitable for all age groups including babies. It uses painless pressure-point testing to determine which food is weakening or causing stress to the system at the moment. It looks at the more subtle reactions to food. With avoidance of the problem causing food and chemicals we can retest to check improvements within 6 8 weeks. We also advise treatment of the gut to reduce inflammation and improve digestion during that time.

3. 500 Food & Household Item Test: This is non invasive and uses a hair sample which is sent to the lab.  Common Australian food groups, bathroom, laundry and kitchen products as well as supermarket cereals, health food shop items and alcohol are checked.

  • If you wondering if wheat, milk or other foods are causing your uncomfortable symptoms? You're not the only one!  Sometimes these are not the problem though. I'd rather find out than torture myself by avoiding foods I like if theyre not the issue. Gas, pain, cramping, bowel disruptions and a noisy belly can be resolved.

  • Often childrens eczema is caused by common foods. It is remarkable how quickly their skin heals once the offending food is removed.

  • Constant blocked sinus, post nasal drip, irritating cough and runny nose can also be from food and or environmental factors.


STOOL TESTING: GI Map DNA Microbiome Test

This is the most comprehensive stool test available.  An essential when you’re sick of trying to figure out what’s going on in your gut and microbiome.

  • This thorough DNA assessment detects the degree of Leaky Gut (and whether gluten is a problem for you)
  • Gut Immunity (risk of food sensitivities)
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease risk (Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s),
  • Very detailed numbers of good and disruptive gut bacteria (some from undetected tooth infection)
  • Potential autoimmune triggers
  • Helicobacter, that can be undetected on a breath test (stomach ulcers),
  • Parasite and worm testing including blastocystis hominis, dientamoeba fragilis, giardia lamblia, cryptosporidium and more. 
  • Yeast, candida and fungus overgrowth
  • Hormone recycling problems
  • and for the first time VIRUSES – think Glandular Fever etc.
  • Pancreatic enzyme digestion

This can explain the causes of gut issues and why you may react badly to standard probiotics.

You may have started reacting to food that used to be okay?  Stress, antibiotics, candida and tummy bugs can all DISRUPT your bowel.

We can start by clearing out the nasties, restoring the good guys, reducing the inflammation.

You'll have better energy because youll be absorbing vitamins and clearing waste more efficiently.



  • Up to 75% of people with Irritable Bowel symptoms including bloating and or burping after meals, gas, abdominal cramping, diarrhoea, constipation, acid reflux, nausea, acne and rosacea have SIBO.
  • SIBO can also cause leaky gut symptoms including food sensitivities, joint pain, brain fog, itchy skin.
  • SIBO can be behind the inability to get off restrictive diets like FODMAPs.

RBTI Urine and Saliva Test

This is the best test to find out why you’re tired from the food you’re eating.

It gives us clear insights into your body chemistry including pH so we can see if you’re too acid or too alkaline.  It helps us find out the background of any health problems, as well as prevent conditions you may not be aware of yet.   It is the perfect way to see if you are following family disease tendencies.  We clearly see whether:

  • you are breaking down your food properly, absorbing it, clearing waste or storing it, whether your liver is coping with its digestive role or not.
  • Carbohydrate levels can be too high or too low.  This indicates whether your energy crashes after meals and if you’re on track for insulin resistance or diabetes.
  • Salt levels indicate whether your diet needs changing or you just don’t drink enough water.
  • It also shows if a part of your body is under pressure, like the heart, thyroid, pancreas, gut and reproductive area.


Antioxidant & Free Radical Test

Free Radicals are a by-product of food, chemicals and exercise and can lead to cell damage and genetic mutations.

Antioxidants absorb the free radicals neutralising them.  If they don’t the damage is called Oxidative Stress.

This can affect our energy, health, performance and cause premature ageing and eventually lead to or accelerate the progress of diseases. This test is a great way to determine whether your lifestyle is healthy or not.


Omega 3 Index Test

This finger prick test shows the past four months levels of Omega 3 fats in your red blood cells. 

We can determine whether your diet is providing enough essential fatty acids to manage inflammation. If not there is a greater risk of aggravated chronic pain, reduced immunity, sore muscles and joints, arthritis pain and much more. 

Leaky Gut also adds to the inflammatory load. 


VLA Body Health Test

  1. Cell membrane resilience which determines whether you’re eating enough protein and good fats to keep you strong and resistant to disease, absorbing nutrients and clearing waste.
  2. Fluid balance shows whether your cells (you) are properly hydrated like a grape or dried up like a sultana!  You could be drinking a lot but it’s not getting to where it needs to be.  We can also see if you have fluid retention holding toxic waste that hinders weight loss and energy.
  3. Muscle mass. Do you have the right amount for your age?  Without enough muscle you don’t burn fat efficiently.  We start to lose muscle in our forties, so maintaining the muscle for healthy ageing and life extension is vital.  We can see whether the exercise you are doing is actually keeping you healthy.
  4. Fat mass. Your percentage determines the style of eating and exercise that will work best for you.  Whether you need to reduce fat or gain it we can track it accurately.
  5. Mitochondrial Energy. This shows us whether your cells have plenty of energy or not. Then we can do something about it.
  6. Estimated Cell Age is best when it’s close to your actual age.  This is worth knowing to see if you’re older than you should be and how to restore your youthful vitality.
  7. Your accurate BMI makes sure that you are in the healthy weight range for your body type.


MENTAL HEALTH and genetic testing for Anxiety, Depression and Fatigue

  • Using Biobalance and Methylation testing to determine deficiencies that affect detoxification and mood.
  • MTHFR, Kryptopyroles.
  • Cortisol Awakening Response uses saliva to test the adrenal stress hormone cortisol at 6 different times of the day.  This enables us to determine whether you are cycling in and out of exhaustion and high stress.  Then we can target treatment at specific times of day.  It also checks DHEA.  


Comprehensive Thyroid Testing

  • Many Australians are Iodine deficient, this is not commonly tested and is vital for optimal Thyroid function.
  • Finding out about T4, T3, reverse T3 and Thyroid antibodies gives much more information than just TSH.
  • Functional Pathology and specific nutrient deficiencies can reveal what your Thyroid needs including Hashimoto’s, under-active thyroid and overactive thyroid. 


Zinc Test

This quick taste test determines your reserves of this vital nutrient.

Up to 70% of Australians are zinc deficient and can benefit from supplementation.

Clues are low immunity, poor wound healing, not coping with constant stress, frequent colds and flu, insomnia, anxiety and depression including post natal depression and skin health. As you can see, adequate zinc levels are vital for optimal health.

Blood Analysis

Functional Pathology looks at optimal levels for blood tests instead of being merely "in the range" and still feeling unwell.

Blood Tests give us the keys to treatment choices that will revitalize and rejuvenate your health. Then we can track your progress not only with improved symptoms but changes in the blood results. We can determine which tests are relevant for you at your first consultation.  If you’ve had recent blood tests please bring a copy to your appointment, whether or not they were deemed ‘in range’.

Heavy Metal Tests

Our in house testing can determine whether heavy metals like Mercury, Lead, Cadmium, Arsenic and Copper are causing your system to become stressed or weakened.

If your symptoms warrant it, we may decide to look Hair Mineral Analysis to determine the actual levels of heavy metals.  

We often recommend this for Fertility patients because we know that heavy metals block the absorption of essential vitamin and minerals that you need for healthy fertility as well as general health.  

You can swallow tons of vitamins and minerals and but wont help if heavy metals are present. Once we know we can do something about it.

Mercury can inhibit absorption of Zinc, perpetuate candida, poor immunity, headaches, pain, damage sperm, increase risk of miscarriage, and many more unpleasant symptoms.



When you're fed up with treatments that dont work, this remarkable technology can reveal barriers to optimal health.  We scan you to find the underlying problems that need addressing. It could be the liver, thyroid, adrenals, nervous system or another organ.

The clever thing is we can test which medicine is going to work best.

If you suffer from candida, leaky gut, liver overload or any other organ imbalance we can accurately track improvements.

Often sensitivities to food and chemicals are a problem.  We can look at specifics and groups like wheat, dairy, gluten and many more including chemicals and environmentals.

Adding this test to your treatment plan can be the last piece in the jigsaw puzzle to return you to optimal health. 


The Boost Your Fertility Program is recommended for both prospective parents to ensure optimal nourishment for a healthy pregnancy and baby.Find out more >>


We use tests to accurately track your progress and help you stay motivated. Find out more >>


Phone the Centre reception on 02 62953828 to discuss how you can benefit from one of our programs or consultations or click the BOOK NOW button to make an appointment.

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Adv Dip Nat, Dip H.M. Rem M., ACNEM Primary Training, MINDD training, Post Graduate Gastrointestinal Training, Natural Fertility Management, Grad.Dip Adult Ed and Training, Member ATMS, Health Funds. In Clinical Practice over 30 years.


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