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Capital Naturopathy

Based in Canberra since 2008 offering holistic Naturopathy & Massage

My name is Sam (owner/director), I believe that by living in harmony with nature we can all experience more health and happiness.

The term 'Nature Cure' is a philosophy of healing the body through its own vital force. Pioneered by early Naturopaths Benedict Lust , Sebastian Kneipp and the father of medicine Hippocrates.

Allowing the body to heal through its own vital force means we are not suppressing symptoms but instead identifying the cause and encouraging a vital force bring health toward homoeostasis, balance and stability. We do this with lifestyle modification, herbal medicines, nutrition, vitamins & minerals. Similarly as a plant will not grow in poor soil and low light we seek change conditions to a rich soil and life giving light.

Consider the comments by great Naturopath visionary Dr. Hahnemann:

There are no diseases, only sick people. Nature will provide an infinite number of remedies to meet all occasions that might arise.

Capital Naturopathy

Herbal Medicine

Herbs offer a synergistic combination of constituents which carry actions capable of stimulating the body's own vital forces. The role of  herbalist is to identify the cause of imbalance and match a herbs actions to the actions required restoring homoeostasis. 


As the father of medicine quoted "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food" Hippocrates. 

We share the nutritional principles to keep nutritional intake in biochemical balance optimising vitamin and mineral intake. 

Flower Essences

Dr Edward Bach; Brittish pathologist, immunologist, bacteriologist and physician was the founder of the original Bach Flower essences. Unsatisfied by the view of a body being like a machine Dr Bach believed illness also originated from disharmony between body and mind.

"as long as our soul and personality are in harmony all is joy & peace happiness and health" (Dr Edward Bach).

Flower essences being subtle vibrational remedies work directly with our emotions and therefore ameliorate disharmony in our emotional body.  


Sam offers a therapeutic massage with deep tissue, trigger point therapy, relaxation and restorative muscular treatment outcomes. 


Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, (1755-1843), discovered homoeopathy and the dynamic principle of “like cures like.” 

Homoeopathy is effective by means of a process of discovering provings of remedies. Medicines are tested on healthy patients to identify symptoms which are then thoroughly documented into a reference known as a repertory of homoeopathic materia medica. 

The Homoeopathic method identifies a cause of illness by way of symptoms and use of exact remedy in similimum to the character of disturbance. 


One of the primary diagnostic methods used by Sam includes Iridology; Observing unique characteristics of the iris. 

Our eyes contain a vast network of tissue connected with the whole body.

Reiki / Shamballa Multidimensional Healing

Sam received his attunements, training & instruction in the use of Shamballa Multidimensional Healing on the 11th of December 2004 facilitated by Andrew Rigg. A gentle healing method using an intention of the purple flame inspired by Saint Germain. Very method similar to Reiki.

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Adv. Dip Hlth Science | Cert IV Massage | Certificates Multidimensional Healing, Thought Field Therapy

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