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Caring Energetic Healing


Lisa Ohtaras
Strathfield South NSW 2136
Caring Energetic Healing
Hello my name is Lisa Ohtaras and I am honoured that you have found me here. After many years of health issues, the height of it all occurred in 1997, when Lisa was seriously challenged with a number of afflictions at the same time.

About Caring Energetic Healing

About Me

During this time Lisa’s usual naturopath was on vacation, Lisa then decided she would consult another highly regarded and recommended naturopath – also an iridologist – she had never before seen. She was then informed following the assessment that she had the warning signs to Multiple Sclerosis (also known as M.S). Subsequently her spiritual connection emerged.

Lisa’s warning signs to M.S. were the catalyst to her spirituality, awakening from the slumber and unawareness. Connecting to her intuition and spirituality not only helped her to identify how she had become so unwell, Lisa also learned how to heal herself without the use of any medication restoring balance and wellness to her being on many levels.

Lisa condenses the knowledge she has gained on her own journey, relating to spiritual and personal development and growth, with the aim to save her clients energy, time and money.

About the Work

Lisa works closely with her clients to bring about balance and wellness through a combination of Complementary Therapies.

The modalities that Lisa utilises include Reiki, Energy Clearing, Angel Intuitive Guidance, Angelic Healing and Crystal Therapy. Every session is customised to meet the individual needs of the client and may be made up of a combination of modalities.


"I have been receiving healing from Lisa Ohtaras on a regular basis since 2005. I am now in my mid-80's and have been assisted by Lisa to maintain a very decent quality of health for someone my age. Lisa assists me when I am in pain e.g. back pain, pain in my legs, feet, arms and shoulders.

Lisa is a genuine healer and I have experienced Lisa's profound gift of healing and so have other family members."

 - Gladys, NSW

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“Lisa’s integrity, authenticity, compassion, wisdom, understanding, kindness, generosity, warmth and insights are just some of the many rare qualities that distinguish her as an exceptional person and healer.”

- Janet, NSW

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"I heard about Lisa Ohtaras and her work about 8 or 9 years ago and went to see her hoping she could help me with my chronic headaches.

When I saw Lisa, I had been living with daily headaches some 20 years or more, trying to cope as best I could, with minimal use of medication. Thanks to Lisa and her healing work I have now been free of chronic daily headaches for more than 8 years.

Hearing about Lisa was such a godsend to me. I have Lisa to thank for the improvement in the quality of my life."

- Shirley, NSW

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