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Welcome Our goal at Caring With... is to help people care for themselves by offering goods and services to aid in achieving balance and harmony in their lives. We specialise in crystals to balance your energies, Items of colour to brighten your day, novel trinkets to entertain and inspire. Our services include Holistic Counselling, Reiki & Seichim, Meditation and Chair Yoga. We believe that each of our services compliment the other, in achieving a positive and healthy mindset.

Caring With

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My goal: finding simple yet effective methods of achieving the life we all so well deserve.

We all have our own story to tell and mine is not much different to many of you. Sadly most will involve some of the following: abuse, violence, addiction, abandonment, loss, guilt, mistrust, just to name a few. I find comfort in knowing that even though we have never met, we can still find compassion in our hearts and the understanding to help each other lighten the burden we carry at one time or another. The only difference is the weight of our load and how long we carry it.

We have all heard the saying " What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger". It is not the actual experience that we go through that make us stronger or builds our character, it is how we are able cope with it.
I hope that together we can find simple yet effective methods to help each other cope with any obstacles from our past, present or yet to come. Changing our thoughts and improving our lives does not have to be as hard as the obstacle we are trying to shift. Together we can achieve great things

Carrol Porra


Chakras are energy centres within our bodies, these centres are like a vortex that spins at their own vibrational frequency. As with anything that needs multiple parts to work, our chakras need to be checked regularly and adjusted if needed, to keep the positive energy flow required to help improve and maintain our general well being.

Each Chakra has its own colour and relates to a specific area within our body. Through scanning our chakras they can show us where we have an imbalance in that area. Our chakras are connected to the emotions we hold in those areas, allowing us to see where we are blocking the energy from moving freely.

Below are just some of the imbalances that you may relate to:

Crown Chakra

Colour: Violet
Location: At the top of the Head
Basic Right: To Trust in the Knowing
Part of the Body: top of the head, the brain, nervous system and endocrine system.
Gland: Pituitary Gland
Relationship: Ones spiritual purpose

Some signs of a Balanced Crown Chakra include

  • Feeling of Hope

  • Trust

  • Faith

  • Inner Knowing

  • Inner Guidance

  • Access to Higher Self

  • Peace

  • Connection to Spirit

  • Access your Sub-conscious

Some signs of an imbalanced Crown Chakra

  • Headaches

  • Senility

  • Right/left brain disorders

  • Coordination problems

  • Depression

  • Confusion

  • Lack of Faith

  • Lack of Trust

Third Eye

Colour: Indigo
Location: Forehead, between the eyes
Basic Right: To see Through My Own Eyes
Part of the Body: pineal gland, eyes, nose,ears, brain, nervous system, sinuses
Gland: Pineal Gland
Relationship: Spiritual

Some signs of a Balanced Third Eye include

  • psychic abilities

  • feeling inspired

  • detached form material possessions

  • clear thinking

  • empathy for others

  • ​peace of mind

Some signs of an imbalanced Crown Chakra

  • Learning disabilities

  • co-ordination issues

  • sleep disorders

  • headache

  • nightmares

  • sinusitis

  • feeling uninspired

Throat Chakra

Colour: Blue
Location: Base of throat
Basic Right: To Speak & Hear the Truth
Part of the Body: thyroid, throat, ears, neck, jaw, mouth, digestion
Gland: Thyroid
Relationship: Ones own truth

Some signs of a Balanced Throat Chakra include

  • Communicate freely

  • honesty

  • artistic

  • open to others opinion & thoughts

  • creative

  • reliable

Some signs of an imbalanced Throat Chakra

  • Thyroid imbalance

  • swollen glands

  • depression

  • being opinionated

  • not wanting to share thoughts

  • manipulative

Heart Chakra

Colour: Green
Location: Center of chest
Basic Right: To Love & Be Loved
Part of the Body: heart, lungs, upper back, immune system, lymph gland, blood pressure, breathing.
Gland: Thymus
Relationship: With everyone & everything

Some signs of a Balanced Heart Chakra include

  • Compassionate​

  • content

  • in touch with your emotions

  • self trust

  • acceptance

  • empathy

  • ​forgiving

Some signs of an imbalanced Heart Chakra

  • Heart problems

  • breathing difficulties

  • high blood pressure

  • problems with immune system

  • feeling unloved

  • constantly needs reassurance

  • fear of rejection

  • ​being possessive

Solar Plexus

Colour: Yellow
Location: Above the navel
Basic Right: To Act in My Own Uniqueness
Part of the Body: digestive system, liver, gall bladder, stomach, middle back, spleen, muscles, intestines.
Gland: Pancreas
Relationship: Own unique self

Some signs of a Balanced Solar Plexus include

  • Healthy self esteem

  • optimistic

  • happy

  • respectful

  • self confident

  • sense of humor

  • outgoing

Some signs of an imbalanced Solar Plexus

  • Depression

  • digestive problems

  • diabetes

  • ulcers

  • lacking confidence

  • fear of being alone

  • phobias and fears

  • insecurity

Sacral Centre: fear of change, resentfulness, overly sensitive, difficulties conceiving.

Base Chakra: low motivation, feeling unwanted, lack of energy, procrastination, insecurity.


Our aim is to offer a variety of products at affordable prices.

Our Crystals

Crystals are a wonderful way to introduce change into our everyday lives. Not only are they bright and beautiful , but each has their own amazing energy frequency that resinates with us, as we connect with them. For the beginner who is just starting to learn about crystals and how to use them, the great thing is they can be carried in your pocket, inside your purse or worn on the body. I will explain more about crystals and their many uses on our crystal page.

Our Jewellery

We have a lovely range of both crystal jewellery and our own hand made pieces. What I love about crystal jewellery is, you are still getting the benefit of the crystal while you are wearing a beautiful necklace, bracelet or earrings.

Most of our hand made pieces do not include crystals or gem stones, they have been made with love and intent. They are a great way to introduce colour into your day. Colour as with crystals resinates at different energy frequencies, as everything is energy then it only makes sense to incorporate certain colours into our life that make us feel better.

Our Trinkets

As we grow our range of trinkets they will include, ornaments, incense holders, candles, candle holders, Himalayan Salt Lamps and more.

Trinkets are a fun way to brighten up a particular room or even just a special corner. They can be a great conversation starter and can help create a desired mood or atmosphere.


Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga is a form of Hatha Yoga, it is done completely while seated on a stable chair. It will be of great benefit to those who are unable to take part in the more traditional yoga classes, Anyone can do this form of Yoga however it will best suit: anyone with chronic conditions, pain, disabilities, or injuries etc. I will explain more about the process on our Chair Yoga page.

Holistic Counselling
(Also offered via Skype)

With Holistic Counselling we look at the client as a whole ( mind, body and spirit),including their lifestyle and not just the current issue at hand. The aim of this type of therapy is to find and maintain the most optimal level of health.

With simple tools you gain the skills to change the old negative thought patterns that are stopping you from being the best you can be. I will explain this in more detail on our Holistic Counselling page.


Colour plays a very important role in our everyday lives without us even realising. We are surrounded by colour in nature everyday, everywhere we look from the amazing sky above and it’s ever changing colour from blues, to black, to greys, to the most vibrant of pinks and oranges. Down to the earth that envelopes each and everyone of us, form its lush green grasses, to its barren brown cracks, to its white snow caped mountains and everything in between. Some of the most beautiful colours you will ever see are in nature, even colours that we could never imagine mixing together in our clothes of decor. Our emotions can be altered and a more positive state of mind achieved by the introduction or use of colour in our lives.​ See our Colour Session page for more information.


Meditation is a wonderful combination of relaxation, focus and peace, The benefits to our health and general well being are amazing. The best thing of all, it is not as hard or time consuming as you may think.

Here are just some of the amazing health benefits you can achieve by including regular meditation into your life: Creates calm and inner peace, Improves memory, Lowers the Heart Rate, Lowers Blood Pressure, Reduces Anxiety, Strengthens Immune System, Reduces Tension, Improves Circulation, Improves Sleep, Improves Focus and Clarity, Improves Self Confidence, Improves Health & General Well Being.

Reiki and Seichim

Reiki and Seichim are two very gentle energy healing techniques. These techniques can be used to reduce stress, clear any blockages that are stopping your energy flowing freely and helps to promote healing. It can be done by "placing hands on the body" or " placing hands above the body". Our Life Force energy, flows through us and is what allows us to be alive. If our life force energy is low, then we are more likely to get sick or stressed, if however it is high, we tend to feel happy and healthy.

*People often use the term: Alternative Therapy, however I believe they are both Complimentary.

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