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Ki yoga therapy can be targeted to address: repeated fruitless or distressing patterns of thought, unconscious patterns of behaviour,  physical symptoms of discomfort,  mild repeated illnesses, a tendency to anxiety or depression.

Voicemoves - Ki Yoga

What is Ki Yoga?

Ki Yoga is a meridian based yoga that is specifically designed to balance the flow of energy through the meridians (channels which run through the connective tissue or fascia). Ki Yoga uses aspects of partner yoga and massage a long with “do-in” self-massage stimulating meridian flow and acupressure points.

Exercises are carried out with lightness and concentration at differing speeds and tempos based upon the time of the day and the outcomes that are desired. It is common that those who practice Ki Yoga comment that they have experienced ‘energetic shifts’ that are sometimes as sensation of a flow in an energy line, at times as a shift in feeling or thinking.

  • Balances the ebbs and flow of ki (energy) meridian channels to improve; strength, vitality, flexibility, centeredness, focus and calm.

  • Ki Yoga incorporates: individual centred yoga postures, training and supervision, meditation initiation, specialised voice and breath work and ‘food as medicine’.

Ki Yoga for the Voice

There are specific energy patterns that can be supported via Ki Yoga. Carmelle makes no claims that she is a TCM practitioner and advises an in-depth diagnosis via pulses with an acupuncturist or via Hara diagnosis with a shiatsu practitioner. However, her clinical experience, Ki Yoga intuitive healing and training forms a strong basis which allows the effective prescription of therapeutic yoga exercises.

Carmelle has specific expertise through 17 years of specialising in the treatment of voice in advising which yoga exercises will be the most effective and supportive in balancing the Ki to assist the voice or to create better access to the voice.

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