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Carmelle Moore

Byron Bay NSW 2481

Servicing area: Byron Bay, New South Wales

Carmelle Moore offers Voicemoves Therapy and Voice Dialogue, both founded on a blend of established voice therapy techniques and Jungian-influenced psychoanalytic therapy

Voicemoves - Therapy and Voice Dialogue

Voicemoves Therapy

This is a unique approach to voice empowerment developed by Carmelle Moore. Carmelle's 25-years experience as a Speech Pathologist, 10 years teaching yoga, comprensive training in Voice Dialogue and a variety of somatic disciplines inform this work.

Carmelle combines long-established voice therapy techniques with voice dialogue and embodied practices to attain and cultivate enhanced vocal resonance, flexibility, endurance, projection, warmth and presence. 

Carmelle's enthusiasm, sensitivity and creative, intuitive approach combined with her professional skills will help you access your most 'true', resounding and potent voice, no matter what your vocal needs are (singing, speaking, presenting).

Voicemoves voice therapy is ideal for many needs, from addressing vocal issues that are causing difficulties (ie: vocal nodules), to refining voice production for the professional voice user.

The vocal transformation process has the potential to assist you as you express more of your self, expand your vocal repertoire and enable clearer communication.

What is involved?

We assess and ascertain the limitations in your vocal expression. We explore your story and experience of your voice.  We resolve the old, and develop new body, thought, breath and voice patterns.

Simple yoga and other body-mind processes will be employed to augment the assimiliation of more subtle aspects of voice production.

As part of your therapy, you will be given a tailored series of vocal exercises to advance the development your voice towards its greatest potential. 

Our aim

Voicemoves Therapy aims to free the voice from personal limitations, hidden barriers and under-developed aspects.

Our systematic application of vocal technique, body and energy alignment, psychological and bio-energetic exploration, will refine and expand your vocal repertoire, allowing the voice to become a resonating vehicle for your unique expression and expanded awareness. 

Health Fund Rebates Are Available - Please contact your private healthcare Insurer to find out whether your policy covers you for this therapy.

Voice Dialogue

  • Life balance and increased life choices

  • Compassionate connection to all parts of yourself

  • Expanded grounded awareness

  • Improved communication

What is Voice Dialogue?

Voice Dialogue is a therapy developed by Jungian-influenced psychoanalysts Hal and Sidra Stone.

It is a vibrant, practical counseling process that enables us to ‘separate from’ and as a result, not be ruled by parts of ourselves or thought patterns, that appear to automatically ‘run the show’ as we go about our day-to-day lives.

Voice Dialogue grants a higher level of consciousness relating to the patterns that cause 'disharmony' and cultivates the development of a compassionate awareness of these patterns and behaviours. Voice Dialogue explores ways of being that we would like to introduce to our lives, providing the foundation for enduring change and stronger connection to your innate, tranquil state of being.

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