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Carmelle Moore of Voicemoves offers Ki Yoga - a meridian-based yoga technique designed to balance the flow of energy in fascia and connective tissues.

Voicemoves - Yoga

What is Ki Yoga?

Ki Yoga is a meridian-based Yoga designed to re-balance the energy flow through the body's meridians (energy channels that run through the fascia or connective tissue).

Ki yoga incorporates partner yoga and massage, along with 'do-in' self-massage to stimulate acupressure points and meridians.

Exercises are carried out with varying tempos based on the time of the day and desired outcome. Time is then spent giving faciitated attention to and allowing integration of, the effects of the exercises. Most students report noticing 'energetic shifts'. Ki yoga optimises this shift and Carmelle has found that it compliments the “Vibrational  up-shifting” process, which she has learned via the work of Ester and Jerry Hicks.

Ki Yoga is derived from the teachings of the Master Masahiro Oki, who blended the Indian Hatha Yoga system with the Meridian-based medicines of China and Japan. A remedial system of stretches and energy focusing, strengthening exercises developed and Oki do Yoga was born. Jack Marshall then further developed Ki Yoga from Oki –do and Ryoho Yoga  - this is yoga with a powerful focus on yoga's potential for psychological shifts and healing.

Ki Yoga for all seasons

Diet advice, yoga, voice and meditation practices are shared to optimise your energy flow, specific to the season.

Chinese Medicine states that different meridians (energy channels used in acupuncture) benefit from activation and balancing in the various seasons.

Each season relates to an element which usually has two meridians (yin & yang - sister & brother) associated with it.

  • In Autumn the focus is on the lung meridian, (inspiration and releasing grief), and large intestine meridian (exhalation and letting go what is no longer required).

  • In Winter the body and nervous system needs stillness, rejuvenation and inner time (bladder and kidney meridians).

  • In Spring we develop flexibility and release frustration and anger (liver and gall bladder meridians).

  • In Summer, a time of great activity, the yoga is stronger and we support the heart and small intestine meridians to quieten the mind and activate our creativity.

  • Late Summer and between seasons we focus on nourishment and digestion, reducing worry and helping us appreciate & absorb the good things in our lives.

Tailored Ki Yoga Therapy Sessions

Ki Yoga Therapy sessions are individualised to return your unique meridian flow back into balance. Ki Yoga uses specific series' of exercises designed to stimulate or harmonise your energy flow.

  • If you are in need of vitality or power in your voice, we may activate the lung energy

  • If you would like more motivation, we may work with kidney energy

  • If you would like to feel more grounded and replete, we nurture the spleen pancreas energy 

For more information about Ki Yoga Therapy Sessions, call Carmelle Moore or alternatively, click on the 'Make an Enquiry' button below.

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