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So excited to be on this wonderful journey of guiding and helping so many souls reconnecting them back to there true authentic self My journey has been a very interesting one that, lead me down many lessons to grow and evolve at the next level.

Carm's Spiritual Corner

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My first encounter in the spiritual realm was when I was 6 years old I had an out of body experience. This is when your soul temporarily moves out of the physical body, sometimes looking down at myself while the room was spinning out of control. It was a very scary feeling of having no control at all, especially when I had no idea what’s going on?? Being raised Roman Catholic this kind of activity was never spoken. It wasn’t until I hit my 20’s that I discovered that I enjoyed the energy of tarot cards and angel cards. I loved to know what my future holds with a lot of curiosity. But I guess you could say I was stuck in old beliefs and traditional ways of living. Back then I was following Anthony Robbins (motivational speaker who’s absolutely amazing) He was speaking my language with all his positive energy. I wished to do life coaching back then but at the time it wasn’t the right time. I always felt so different and judged even isolated at times. 30’s provided insight into the dark world and I had no idea what hit me. The spirits really scared me and I decided to back right off and stick to conventional mainstream work. I was always been in the customer service industry. I loved helping people. I’ve had many jobs because I love variety. My last venture was a cake business where I would make these amazing creations for children birthdays, weddings, figurines I have no idea how I did this with little training. But then it hit me my guides were guiding me…. To de-stress I use to have Reiki done once a month to align myself and help to keep me centred. This is where I became open and willing to learn more… I’m now working full time in my business and I love creating a loving caring open space where you can heal. I absolutely love working with the Angels Energy. It’s helped so many people move forward in their lives.

Through this process I have discovered I’m an Earth Angel so I’m here to deliver, love, peace, happiness and healing to all that I meet. Through my Angel Messages, I connect to your Higher Self and give you clear guidance. My healing sessions have proven to shift, release, let go of old cords, ties and karma debt…. When you attend my sessions its so important for you to be very open and ready to clear this emotional, mental, physical and spiritual blockages.

I offer so many services

  • Angel Messages
  • Angel Healing
  • Connecting to your Soul
  • Soul Rebalancing Session
  • Anxiety Rebalancing Session
  • Mobile Angel Healing
  • Angel Reiki Healing Session
  • Angel Healing Massage (female clients only)
  • Home and Business Clearing
  • Past Regressions Clearing the Soul
  • Spiritual Development
  • Children Healing
  • Angel Meditations
  • Vision Board Workshops
  • Healing Parties
  • Healing Circles

I also have some beautiful Oils, Room Sprays and Candles infused with the Angels Energy to purchase. The Sprays and Oils are made by me and the candles are by a local lady who shares my vision and love. I also have crystal, cards, books and other products. I’m a firm believer of whatever you’re guided to.

I have a wonderful Spiritual Team who are here to guide me and bring you back to your conscious self. I love working with my master, guides, I’m truly blessed and humble. Please feel free to visit my website directly and find out about my session in depth. Or you’re welcome to follow me on FB or Instagram.



Please visit my website www.carmspiritualcorner.com.au

Looking forward to connecting with you

Angel Blessings Carm xxx

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Carm's Spiritual Corner