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NLP is brimming with techniques and processes for nearly any condition you can think of, it is a wonderful modality that I might use or incorporate into multiple techniques.


Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP is the practice of understanding how individuals organise their feelings, thinkings, behaviour to produce the results that they do. It offers us with a methodology to model outstanding performance achieved by geniuses and leaders in their field.

Neuro is brain. We all have our own unique information filtering system. Everything that we taste, hear and smell is all filtered through this first map.

When then provide the information personal meaning and assign language to it creating the second map: Linguistics or Language Programming. This is the behaviour that results from the maps (neural pathways) we have made of the world around us.  Sometimes they are amazing maps that work in our favour and sometimes they may not be.

Being able to understand how individuals represent the world to themselves is incredibly useful for my work. This is another modality that I utilise in virtually every session in one way or another.

These MAPS feed into one of the primary principles of NLP which is the Map Is Not The Territory, meaning, reality is the territory and the map is just the thoughts and feelings we have about the territory. Most people have it mixed up thinking that the thoughts and feelings are reality (the territory) but they are not … the good news is if you change the map you change the way the territory looks to you. 

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