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Caroline McKenna

Caroline McKenna

Servicing area: St Kilda, Victoria/ Mosman, NSW


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Caroline McKenna

About Caroline McKenna

Caroline began Chill Pill Therapies in Sydney and now works both there and in Melbourne. Caroline is an accomplished Massage therapist (popular for 'hitting the right spots'), Reflexologist and Mind/Body Healer. Utilizing a variety of modalities Caroline offers you the relaxation, disease free state of wellbeing and level of energy you deserve.

Chill Pill Therapies

Chill Pill Therapies is a Body/Mind centre that practices healing through massage, natural treatments, spiritual connection and a healthy mind. The aim is to unite the Body, Mind and Spirit into a performance machine allowing the individual to reach never before experienced wonders. Caroline's numerous techniques can be custom-made for people who are encountering specific issues. Consolidating changing mind healing practices, types of massage and other healing modalities can accomplish exceptional results.

Servicing Melbourne and Sydney

Caroline's experience puts her as one of the front runners in her field for this industry. Renowned for her "Trigger Point Therapies" she'll hit the appropriate spots releasing painful muscles at the source.

Specialising in:

  • Remedial Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Hot Stone back rub
  • Swedish Massage
  • Pregnancy and Post-natal Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Reconnective Healing
  • EFT



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