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Carolyn Hall

Chronic health issues Wellbeing Stress management ...
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In a world filled with chemicals and stress Naturopathy is a way of life that enables you to have more energy, vitality and longevity. It provides answers to the root causes of health issues and a clear path to heal them.

About Me

Carolyn has been a Naturopath in Melbourne since 2004 and has been a part of the complementary health care industry since 1997.As the natural health care industry continues to evolve, Carolyn keeps up to date by attending professional health care seminars and workshops and reads complementary health journals.

She loves the fact that Naturopathic research is advancing so rapidly and yet we are coming to realise that some aspects of the way we have been living for thousands of years are still the best. With all this new information available it is more possible to achieve and maintain our optimal health and well being.

Carolyn has been practicing Bowen Therapy since 2005. She first studied the Bowtech method and then NST (Neurostructural Technique). Inspired to apply this modality within her own practice by one of her colleagues, she loved the way her own body responded to Bowen therapy.

After years of practice Carolyn is still amazed at how nurturing and powerful this subtle bodywork is. Bowen can truly make a profound impact on people, both physically and emotionally. It may really help to the release "stuck" energy creating a sense of lightness, more flexibility and movement and for many clients reducing pain and tension.

Carolyn has also studied Hormone Release Therapy, another branch of Bowen, which has shown to be beneficial for all types of hormonal issues including period pain, menstrual irregularity, menopausal symptoms, low testosterone in men and even incontinence issues.

"A couple years ago I developed an eye condition that caused my eyes to dry out and the layer of skin around them to crack.

In and out of hospitals I was told there was no cure and would spend days at a time without my sight.

I did not want to accept that.

I went to a Naturopath and he gave me some drops to take and put me on a diet, unfortunately it did not work.

So I tried Carolyn. She blew me away because she actually went off to research the root cause and educated me on some of the nutrients I was missing and how this was keeping me from healing.

I tried her solution and it fixed my problem. Funny enough I stopped putting the specific nutrients she recommended into my body and the problem came back.

I went back to doing what she said and the problem went away again. Now I maintain nourishing my body and it has not come back.

Thank you Carolyn for going deeper and finding the solution to my health condition. I can now get on with my life. It means the world to me.

Gaby Kowalski, Business Coach, Melbourne, VIC

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call Carolyn on 0414 900 289.

Qualification details

  • Diploma in Applied Science in Naturopathy
  • Diploma in Western Botanic Medicine
  • Diploma in Nutrition
  • Bowen Practitioner - Bowtech
  • NST (Neurostructural Technique)
  • Hormone Release Therapy (Bowen)
  • ATMS member

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Carolyn's aim is to enable people to understand that living an awesome healthy life doesn’t have to be or feel boring, restrictive or expensive. It’s about finding the bliss and wellbeing in making conscious choices regarding health and watching the body respond to that in a positive way.

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