Carolyn Mell

Fairy Glen
15 Oxley st
Berrima NSW 2577

Servicing area: Bowral, NSW

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Carolyn is a dedicated homeopath & herbalist with over 20 years experience whose focus is to achieve and maintain good health using natural medicines and gentle body techniques

Carolyn Mell

Welcome to Carolyn Mell

After several rewarding years in Latrobe I will be moving my clinic to Ulverstone in January 2009. I will also be continuing my practice in Berrima, NSW.
My focus is always to achieve maximum and sustainable wellness for my patients. By combining my homoeopathic and herbal knowledge with the relaxation of Advanced Bowen Technique, Neural Organisation Technique and/or reflexology I encourage the body's own innate responses to regain full health potential.
I am extremely interested in the effects of diet and lifestyle on our general well-being and always offer this guidance to my patients. The Australian Bush Essences, the Western Australian Essences and Bach Flower Essences are also an integral part of my practice, ensuring that emotional and spiritual distress is not ignored.
Using iridology and kiniesiology as diagnostic tools, I find that I am able to determine the deepest causes of my patient's symptoms. Quite often the first prescription is focused on adjustments to their diet and lifestyle, with a minimum of medicine prescribed initially. It can be quite a profound experience to realise just how much we unwittingly contribute to our own ill health.
The second consultation, usually a month or 6 weeks later focuses on any unresolved issues. During this visit I will always do some type of body work with my patient, depending on their unique problem. My prescriptions are always hand-tailored to the individual and I expect results.
Subsequent visits are monthly or bi-monthly with the aim of maintaining wellness. I always do the chosen bodywork (N.O.T. or Bowen Therapy) and at the same time check whether or not they need on-going support with herbal or homeopathic medicine.
Periodically I conduct workshops on the use of homoeopathic remedies and flower essences in the home.
I am a fully registered member of the Australian Homoeopathic Association and the Australian Traditional Medicine Association. I have been a Bowen practitioner for the past 20 years.
I am available for consultation by appointment only.

Qualification details

  • Bachelor of Health Science, Victoria University
  • Dorothy Hall College of Herbal Medicine Diploma
  • Melbourne College of Homeopathic Medicine Diploma
  • Melbourne School of Reflexology and Herbal Medicine Diploma
  • Advanced Bowen Technique
  • Neural Organisation Technique Diploma

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