Remedial Massage with Kinesiology

Catherine Frith

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Remedial Massage with Kinesiology
Looking for a change in an area of your life?

Kinesiology, an extraordinary new therapy used to identify and transform emotional, spiritual, and physical states that are having an influence within your everyday life.

Complementary 15 minute consultations.

Catherine Frith Advanced Kinesiology

What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology uses your muscles as indicators to locate biological, emotional and physical imbalances. This gives us the opportunity to understand, transform and resolve unbalanced states of the body or mind, resulting in a restoration of balance in all areas. There can often be an unrealized underlying cause for the problem whether it be physical, mental or emotional.

Kinesiology accesses the reason for the cause through understanding the symptoms and uses various different balancing tequnics relevant to the issues at hand. The results are astounding and often the issues are relinquished forever.

Who can benefit from a Kinesiology session?

This therapy can benefit anyone at any age, any race and any religion. My clients range from babies, children, adults and our older members of the community. Surrogating can be used when people cannot be physically present, are too sick to attend or may be hospitalized.

About Catherine

Catherine is a dedicated professional Kinesiologist with extensive experience in the field of natural therapies and body work. From the age of 21, she became interested in the healing modalities and started experiencing different treatments for herself, for various issues that she had at the time. There were two outstanding fields that would have an impression on Catherine and would last her entire lifetime; Kinesiology and Deep Tissue Massage therapy.

Not only does Catherine specialize in Kinesiology, her experiences led her to the development of another unique, comprehensive treatment program which specializes in chronic and intermittent body pain. In this therapy Catherine uses the combination of Kinesiology and body work to allow you to fully understand whats going on and then to release painful areas of the body. Often with the pain never returning.

For more information regarding the body work refer to Catherine Frith, Natural Therapies pages under Remedial massage.

Catherine keeps her knowledge and techniques ever expanding and at the cutting edge of mind body medicine therapies. She believes life is a university and applies her experience, wisdom and knowledge to facilitate for the best possible outcomes her clients.


Call Catherine today, she is happy to discuss how kinesiology can benefit you specifically, or 'Make an Enquiry'.

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For around 3 years I had warts all over my hands. During that time I had visited my GP over 20 times in hopes of finding a solution to getting rid of them. No matter what he used, the warts always came back. Even after multiple sessions with liquid nitrogen being used to freeze them off, which was very painful, the warts resisted everything. However, after only one session with Catherine, the warts started to disappear. I was amazed! I'll admit, I was skeptical of Kinesiology before this, but after the warts disappeared, I couldn't be more certain of it. Best of all, it was pain free! I strongly recommend Catherine Frith to anyone seeking a pain free method to happiness!
Jordan Frith, 13 years old

For my session with Catherine we had to work through a surrogate. This was a wonderful experience for both my surrogate friend and myself. The session was conducted very professionally and Catherine's approach seemed very thorough and was certainly effective. The session gave me the opportunity to work with my breathing, a long-standing area of difficulty. It was immediately apparent after the session that there had been considerable freeing up of the breath, with a feeling of greater opening and integration. And this was all done through a surrogate! So I would recommend Catherine's services to anyone looking to introduce more balance and ease into their lives."
Venerable Parsadika, Wat Buddha Dharma

Catherine has a great ability to get to the heart of the matter. She worked with me at a time when I was feeling stuck in my life. I was also experiencing headaches every time I came close to moving forward. She helped me understand more about what was blocking me from achieving my goals and worked with me to clear the blockages. As a direct result of her work with me, I now have more clarity over the direction of my life. I feel great about the decisions Ive made for my future. Anyone wanting to better their life and consequently their health would do well to see Catherine.
Amany Livingstone, Kinesiologist

Catherine Frith has been providing deep tissue massage to me since early 2010. Catherine has been able to dramatically improve the stiffness and lack of flexibility in my shoulders, arms and legs. Catherines techniques not only break up the adhesions in the soft tissue, they also break up the uric acid crystals which cause arthritis. I thoroughly recommend her.
John Bakers. B.Sc.Dip.Ed.

I have attended several massage and treatment sessions with Catherine. I had several ailments, following birth of my child and she addressed them one by one. Catherine was able to accurately apply treatment specifically to my needs. She is very professional, attentive and caring. I would truly recommend her to anyone.
Monika Breen

I highly recommend Catherine Frith to anyone who is suffering with tissue damage. Several years ago I was involved in a car accident. This resulted with considerable pain in my hips and legs and lack of strength and muscle movement. Catherines techniques have produced remarkable results. I no longer carry a cane, and in fact I can now run upstairs and around my property, and am considering going back to tennis. You may say that thinking about going back to tennis doesnt mean much but Im 75 years old and havent played for 20 years. I just cant believe what a great work she has done on my body. I now go to her on a regular basis to help keep me in good shape."
John Gumbley JP, B.Com


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