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Servicing area: Castle Hill, Townsville Queensland

Headaches Aches & pains Stress management ...
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I always guarantee to my client that they will be totally relaxed when they get off my table!!

Catherine O'Brien

Welcome to Catherine O'Brien

Massage is essential for your well-being, it is a preventative and restorative treatment. It assists relaxation and relieves tension, stress, headaches, back pain, soothes sore muscles, and improves circulation. My massage may soften and mobilize muscles that have become tight and contracted. The Massage will leave you feeling relaxed, calm and in an enhanced state of well being. I will often combine different techniques in my massage depending on your problem of the day. Your therapeutic massage takes place in a professional environment, where your privacy, safety and comfort is respected at all times.

Mobile Massage are also available upon special request for the sick and elderly. At a extra cost depending on the travel distance.


( including essences) $45
Aust. Bush Flowers

The consultation generally involves you selecting an arrange of flower essences which can help you both physical and emotional. These remedies which are totally safe for all. The scope of the Bush Essence is quiteunlimited.

Remedial Massage - 1 Hr - $60

A totally invigorating massage, Relieves tension from each part of the body. This treatment will benefit anyone with sports injuries or general aches and pains.

Lymph Drainage - 11/2 Hr - $85

This technique assists your body to remove the unwanted cellular waste. Lymph is a clear fluid that flows around body, transporting toxins to waste disposal sites. It can assist those with fluid retention and oedema. Also provides the body with a strong immune system to fight against infection and diseases.

Ortho-Bionomy - 1Hr - $60

A unique gentle non-invasive, osteopathic ally based form of body therapy, it’s highly effective for chronic stress, injuries and pain or problems associate with postural and structural imbalance Safe to use on anyone from newborns to the elderly.

Aromatherapy - 1Hr - $60

( including your own blend to take home)

A totally personalized blend will be made for you and used during the massage treatment. This massage helps your energy levels and immune system It allows your body and mind to experience true relaxation. Pure Essentials Oils and Massage are combined to soothe away any tension and you emerge feeling vital, vibrant and alive.

Iridology - 1Hr - $60

The consultation generally involves a mapping of the Irises. It’s a extremely useful diagnostic tool that enables me to assess where nutritional changes can be made to rectify existing problems or imbalances and to prevent others from occurring.

Clinic Hours: by App.

9am /5pm
Mon / Sat


You can pay by Cash only.

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Health Rebates.


If you have to cancel for some reason, I would like you to call me preferably 24 hours before your appointment, as other people maybe waiting for an appointment. It would be appreciated if you were considerate to me and my other clients.

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