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Cris Giaquinta

Ear candling has been around for centuries. It is used to remove excess wax and impurities. Traditionally used by ancient civilisations, it is still around today. Have you ever experienced excess wax, ringing or blocked ears? Then ear candling is the natural alternative to help you find relief. Call for an appointment today!

Ear Candling

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Kew and Murrumbeena. New clients welcome!

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Clients find ear candling very soothing and relaxing. They often comment how refreshed they feel after a treatment.

The hollow candles are made from cotton fabric soaked in organic beeswax. Some contain essential oils, thus adding therapeutic value. The essential oils used are Eucalyptus, Tea Tree and Jasmine. They provide antibacterial, antifungal, and calming properties resulting in a more rounded experience.

The candles have a specially designed one-way filter, therefore, protecting your ear canal. In addition, they are certified by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods.

Candles are also available without the essential oils if preferred, please advise Cris when booking.

Please note: If you suffer from allergies or medical conditions, please consult your health professional prior to booking a treatment.

  • Removes excessive wax build-up
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Improves general wellbeing 



  • Certificate In Pellowah Level 3 Teacher Training
  • Reiki Master Degree
  • Certificate In Holistic Healing Practitioner
  • Chakra & Aura Balancing Certificate
  • Ear Candles Certificate
  • Spiritual Artist
  • Level 2 First Aid Certificate

Professional Membership

  • IICT - International Institute For Complementary Therapists